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Suitable for all HDB, Condo & Landed Houses

Fire rated doors offer your Singapore home important safety and security. These doors contain fires and smoke for a predetermined amount of time thanks to their sturdy, fire-resistant construction. We provide you with the highest quality laminate fire-rated door that can withstand intense fires. Any HDB or condo entrance would be ideal for one of our doors. You can depend on fire rated doors when every second counts during a fire. Fire rated doors, which are necessary in many residential and commercial buildings, protect occupants by containing fires to their source. The Fire rated doors we offer comes with above 35mm thick, which should fit to most door frames. They also give immense cost-savings because our doors are made of quality seal & materials — All made in our Singapore factory


Our Doors are certified and approved to resist fire for a certain period of time. All the fire rated doors we offer has a valid certificate of conformity (CoC) which ensures that it meets the fire safety regulations. You can also check our certificate of conformity for fire rated doors. We always go above and beyond to deliver the best service and premium products. Consequently, you can ensure the level of quality and trustworthiness of our door by using a regulated and approved product.


Check out our latest collection of best fire rated main doors for enhanced safety and security



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Fast and great installation! Will recommend tp our friends and relatives😁
nabila shjl August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Had a good experience with your sales person called Zack. He was very helpful in answering my questions re digital locks. A kudo to your company for having such a good staff, I will definitely buy again... He gave us the assurance of all being follow up
Ray Hua August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
Kee Sin Lam August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
We live in Pasir Ris so Go Digital Lock is our 1st stop since it is the nearest. Initially, We just wanted to have a look only but ended up making an order of their wooden door, Samsung Digital Lock & Philips Smart Door Viewer after being served by Evon. The 2 workers that helped to fix everything are very
cf Yong August 2
Rated 5 out of 5
Fanny is very patient and always tries to put up with my requests even though some of it may be very last minute, very helpful and always contactable throughout, definitely recommended!!
Kenneth Ng January 4
Rated 5 out of 5
Job well done! Really loving it...😍
Yanti Syed January 4
Rated 5 out of 5
digital lock sales
digital lock sales

Why You Choose Us?

Factory Finished Fire rated Doors — Safety, Made Easy

As specialist fire rated door manufacturers, we expertly craft doors to meet safety requirements and your needs. You are mistaken if you think that our doors can only withstand fires. Our doors are constructed from durable materials that last for a very long time. You can have a fire rated door that is resistant to fading and wrapping in this humid Singaporean climate. Our factory finished fire rated doors come ready to install, with no extra work required on your end. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the door is properly constructed and rated for fire safety. With a range of styles that comes from our laminate finishing, it’s easy to find a factory finished fire rated door to suit your front entrance. And with fabrication controlled under one roof, the quality and consistency of our fire doors is top class. For fire doors that make safety simple, discover our premium factory finished collection. As always, our team is here to help you choose the right door and ensure an effortless installation experience.

Best fire rated doors for HDB and Condo Entrances

Our strong & durable fire rated door is made specially for condo and HDB Entrances, also remember that fire rated doors are crucial for the entrances of HDB flats and condos. In the event of a fire, these doors act as protective barriers to prevent the spread of flames outside the home.

Our range of fire rated doors includes popular sizes for HDB and condo main entrances, such as 3 ft x 7 ft and 4 ft x 7 ft doors. Made of durable fire-resistant materials and rigorously tested to meet fire safety standards, these doors ensure the high level of protection that your HDB or condo home deserves. For the safety and security of your family and property, invest in our expertly crafted fire rated doors.

Our Fire rated doors are shipped and installed for Free

In many companies, you might end up spending more overall because the salesperson won’t initially disclose installation, shipping, or measurement costs. Instead, they’ll catch you in with a product, and when the time comes to pay, they’ll surprise you with an added fee, but at Go Digital Lock, we don’t practice such a marketing strategy; instead, we take a direct approach by offering free installation and delivery, which has earned us a 5-star rating from customers. Our installation team will visit your location and complete the installation quickly and easily, allowing you to get a lock installed affordably and without any hassle.

Fire rated doors – Testing and approval process

-First, Fire Rated Door undergoes rigorous testing to achieve 30-minute and 60-minute fire resistance ratings, making them capable of withstanding temperatures of over 900°C.

– Second, the Singapore fire safety standards will be adhered to if the fire rated doors pass the test.

– Following that, it is included in the Certificate of Conformity Hardware List for fire safety. Then the door will have a Fire rated approved Label attached to it. The door is then regarded as being fire rated.

Add Digital lock with Fire rated Door for advanced safety

Let’s be honest, a plain old standard lock or even a non-fire rated digital lock isn’t going to do the work when it comes to withstanding fire. If your door has a fire-rated rating, you’re also want to make sure that the lock you use is also fire-rated. We have a list of fire rated locks all from top brands like Solity, Hafele, Igloohome and Samsung. Our locks are the Perfect for resisting over 900-degree Celsius heat for 30Mins to 1 hour long (depends on each model) perfect for a fire rated door.

Do you know why a fire rated digital lock needs to be installed on a fire rated door?

If you have already installed a fire rated door or planning to buy a brand new one then you can choose us, we’re authorized dealer of Reliable Fire rated digital lock brands like Hafele, Solity, Igloohome and Samsung and Philips. You can buy the fire rated digital lock that’s perfect for your fire rated door at the same fire resistance (If your door has 30- or 60-mins fire rating we have the exact same fire rated lock that’s appropriate for your door). Just check out this page if you want to explore our 10 different fire rated digital lock models!

Why Fire rated digital locks are important?

– Digital locks that are fire-rated increase the lock and door’s fire resistance. As the lock can withstand fire for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the lock’s fire resistance), this prevents lock from fire damage and further prevents the door from opening, so that it won’t let the fire spread outside.

-A fire rated digital locks not only resist fire for prolonged periods but it also has many innovative security features

-It brings better convenience and ease of use than using traditional locking systems!

-Perfectly suitable for any fire rated door of HDB or Condo flat entrances

Top 5-Star Rated Company to get the best Fire rated doors

When it comes to fire rated doors, you deserve the best. As a 5-star rated company, we deliver unbeatable quality, service, and safety.

Why we’re a 5-star rated brand? It starts with our doors—premium products tested to strict fire standards and crafted to order from the finest materials. Then there’s our team—friendly experts who guide you to the right door and ensure an easy installation experience. Add in our range of styles and commitment to your satisfaction, and it’s clear why customers rate us the top company for fire doors. For safety you can trust and service that shines!

Get Fire rated doors from the best!

If you want your family to be safe from fires! Then you bneed to chose the best manufacturer and yes, we sell fire rated doors for many years and we’re have a standard reputation & proud to have positive customers all over singapore

If you need a fire door then you shouldn’t wait any longer – get a fire-rated door from us! If you need to purchase a new fire-rated door, make sure you do so from a supplier who will give you everything you deserve. Contact us today, and let us provide you with the security you need. Trust our quality and expertise!


Q1: How much time it takes to resist fires?

A : Our fire rated doors are designed to resist the passage of flames and smoke for a specified time, as rated by independent testing. For HDB flats, we offer doors rated to resist fire for up to 30 minutes. For condominiums, our doors can be rated to resist fire for up to 1 hour. These ratings allow time for evacuation or for fire services to respond. The exact fire rating you need will depend on your local building requirements. Our team can help you choose doors with the proper rating for your needs.

Q2: What is your installation process for fire rated doors?

Our fire rated doors are installed by our experienced technicians to ensure proper fit and function and to maintain your door’s fire safety certification.

This is our process:

  1. Measuring and preparing
  2. Unpacking and inspecting
  3. Hanging the door in the entrance
  4. Securing the door with approved hardwares
  1. When installing fire rated door to the customers premises,
  2. Qualified persons (QPs) will come & verify Your Fire rated doors
  1. Cleaning up the work area

Q3: What is the additional hardware’s that come along with a Fire rated Door?

Our fire rated doors come with the necessary hardware to ensure proper operation and fire safety. This includes:

  • Free stainless steel single grip lock (silver)
  • Free door viewer
  • Free door closer
  • Free smoke alarm

For an upgraded look, you can also choose optional extras, such as:

  • Laminate door skin ($200, price is fixed for any laminate type you need)
  • Stainless steel door lining strip (additional cost)

These extras are optional and not required for fire safety or operation. Contact us for pricing and to choose hardware and extras to suit your needs

Q4: Is necessary to include a smoke alarm with fire rated door?

It is completely up to you, if you fire too seriously and if you need more security for you and the occupants nearby, then you can include a smoke alarm – that is the reason why we have included a smoke alarm completely free along with a fire rated door, the smoke alarm that we offer isn’t not just a freebie– It is an approved smoke alarm that is tested and passed with fire safety regulations. Actually, it is useful to inform occupants with early warning of fire, so they can take action to evacuate before the fire Escalates.

Q5: What is the use of Fire rated Digital locks?

They help contain fires. When properly installed on fire rated doors, fire rated digital locks will remain locked during a fire to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. This can give us more time for evacuation or fire response.

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