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At Igloohome, our mission is to enhance lives with cutting-edge technologies in smart access systems. We believe our work provides you with greater freedom to maximize every moment.

Igloohome’s smart home products are designed to do more with less. With professional installation and replacement teams ensuring optimal performance, you can focus on your daily routine, confident that our smart locks allow access to the right individuals and keep unwanted ones out of your home. Experience the convenience of smart security today. We are proud to offer an extensive range of products, including our acclaimed Igloohome

Secure Access Made Simple with Solity GM-6000BKF Fire rated Digital Lock

Fire rated digital lock

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to access your property? The Solity GM-6000BKF Fire rated Digital Lock is the answer. This lock offers a convenient biometric access system that ensures only authorized person can enter. It also features high-grade fire safety certification, ensuring your property is safe even in a disaster. With its simple installation process & intuitive interface, setting up the Solity GM-6000BKF fire rated digital lock is quick and easy. Just read on to explore more about this product!

Samsung SHP-DH538: A Smart, Fire Rated Digital Lock

fire rated digital lock

The Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock combines innovative security features with fireproof dependability.

This digital lock makes to look key lock outdated while protecting your home and premises even in the face of danger. Built of heat-resistant materials that safeguard against melting or deterioration, the SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock secures your entrance with cutting-edge smarts and durability you can trust.

When every second counts in crisis, this Fire rated digital lock delivers safety and sophistication. Smart

Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital lock: Digital Security with Fire resistance

Fire rated lock

The Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock delivers the future of access control today. This innovative yet elegant solution fortifies your doorway with an excellent fire rating, so you can lock up confidently, come what may. For all its advanced, flameproofing tech, the PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock remains a cinch to use thanks to keyless entry, you-set PINs, fingerprint logins, and magnetic card storage.

Whether demanding utmost security or simply song-and-dancing at the entryway, the PP8100 works its own sort of

Fire safety, Re-imagined: Hafele DL7600 Fire Rated Digital Lock

fire rated digital lock

Despite rapid advancements in fire safety, key components have remained largely unchanged for decades in Singapore. While mechanical locks and keys were originally designed to secure doors, fire-rated locks perform the same function while also offering protection against fire.

But now, the Hafele DL7600 fire rated digital lock introduces a new level of innovation, intelligence, and adaptability to this critical life safety solution. It combines the durability of traditional fire-resistant locks with the convenience and control of digital access control, revolutionizing

Analyzing Common Burglary Attempts in Singapore and Prevention Strategies

Burglary remains a pervasive concern in Singapore, with a notable increase in recent years. Delving into the unlawful entry of prevalent burglary attempts in Singapore, you'll discover effective insights and strategies for protection against burglaries.

As per the Singapore Police Force, there were 328 reported housebreaking , criminal trespass cases and over 500 crime incidents in 2018 alone. This marked the highest figures since 2012, indicating the persistence of singapore thefts as a significant issue for both law enforcement and the public in Singapore. Explore effective measures and insights to address this concern.

Why these Digital Locks is a must have for HDB Gates in Singapore!

As the number of home break-ins in Singapore continues to increase, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the security of their homes. To achieve this, you could put a digital lock on your HDB gate. In Singapore, digital locks are becoming more and more common because they have a number of advantages over conventional mechanical locks. Here are four reasons for thinking about adding a digital lock to your HDB gate.

In this article, we'll discuss why you need a digital lock and why it is necessary for HDB gates as well as

Essential Steps for Installing Your Smart Digital Lock

Installing a smart digital lock in your home is a easy way to enhance security and convenience. With advancements in technology, these locks offer keyless entry and customizable access controls.

Tired of mismanaging your keys whenever you get home? Or how many times when you forget to bring your keys with you and have to wait outside for someone else to come home? Or the time when you or your family members lost your keys for the many time. If the inconveniences weren't enough, you are probably paranoid about how safe the traditional door lock

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