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A face recognition digital lock is a type of biometric lock that uses the unique patterns of a person’s face for authorization and authentication. The face recognition lock works using a camera and image processing software. When a user stands in front of the camera, the software captures an image of the user’s face and compares it with the registered facial images stored in its memory.

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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact

Where a Face recognition digital lock can be used?

Face recognition digital locks can be used in a variety of places where security and access control are essential:
Homes – To secure the main entrance door of HDB, landed houses, or a condominium flat, as it grants access only to family members. This can be useful for access control when kids come and go or for caregivers.
Offices – To regulate access to office buildings and specific work areas. Face recognition locks can grant employees access to only the areas they need.
Hotels – Instead of traditional keycards, face recognition locks can be used at hotel entrances and for individual room doors. This offers a more seamless and convenient check-in experience for guests.
Hospitals – For sensitive areas like medical records rooms, pharmacy storage, labs, patient rooms, etc. Access can be granted to specific doctors and nurses, which is much needed in Singapore.
Commercial buildings – For the main lobby entrances and tenant spaces within a building, commercial building includes banks, commercial conservation shophouses, business parks, and industrial buildings.

Cost of a Face Recognition Digital lock

Face recognition digital locks cost between $849 to $1,500 in Singapore. While expensive, their high-tech sensors and technology justify the price. Compared to traditional locks, the selection of face recognition locks is still narrow, with only a few major brands like Kaadas and local providers. At Go Digital Lock, we offer 2 models from Kaadas brand and our own DL 7 pro. Just check it out to more specifications and features of each of them!
Both provide top-grade security through facial matching technology, anti-mask detection, app control, and water resistance. Though costly, face recognition locks may offer value through unparalleled access security for homes and businesses seeking next-level entry management.

How does a Face recognition digital lock work?

Below is a high-level explanation of how a face recognition digital lock works:

1)The lock has a camera that detects when a face is in front of it. This triggers the face recognition system.

2) A face image is captured by the camera. The image contains the facial features like nose, eyes, mouth, etc.

3)The lock has a database of “registered” faces authorized to unlock it. These are faces that have been previously captured and stored during setup.

4)The face recognition software analyses the captured image and compares the facial features to those in the registered database.

5)The lock unlocks if enough matching features are found, indicating a match with a registered face. Otherwise, it does not unlock and keeps the door locked.

6)The face recognition system uses algorithms that can distinguish between 2D images and 3D facial features to reduce the chances of being fooled by a photograph.

What technology does Face Recognition Digital Lock use to unlock the door?

Facial recognition digital locks make use of facial recognition software to confirm the identity of authorized users. This technology operates by detecting and gauging facial characteristics from a specific image or video frame and comparing it against a database of faces.

Key benefits of our Face recognition digital locks

1)Convenience – Face recognition locks are convenient as they allow access simply by looking at the camera. There is no need to carry keys or access cards.

2)Security – Face recognition locks are more secure than traditional keys or access cards as they use your unique facial features for authentication. It is difficult to spoof or trick the system.

3)Easy to use – Face recognition locks are easy to use for anyone. There are simple codes and patterns to remember. You look at the camera, and you’re in.

4)Contactless – Face recognition locks provide a contactless authentication method. This is hygienic and reduces the spread of germs.

5)Real-time authentication – Face recognition locks authenticate users in real-time as they look at the camera. There are no delays.

6)Non-transferable – Since face recognition uses your unique facial features, access cannot be transferred to someone else like with keys or access cards.

Features of Face recognition Digital lock

It comes with a Multi-model authentication – as it can integrate other authentication methods also (fingerprints, passwords, RFID Cards, and more)

Access control – Face recognition locks can only be programmed to grant authorized user access.

Can capture any height range – from children to adults

Capacity to Store Multiple face recognition

Tamper detection – It can detect camera tampering or blocking attempts and trigger an alarm.

You can choose a branded model from Go Digital lock

Face recognition digital lock brands to consider:

-Go Digital lock

Installation details

No need to pay extra for digital door locks or gate locks lah! We can install them for free into your entrance door or gate. These digital locks are pretty complicated to set up, but we want you to be happy with your purchase lah! Face recognition digital locks are super convenient, secure, and affordable, perfect for homes, businesses, and travelers. Contact us now to get a quote & installation tailored to your needs lah. Our fingerprint door locks will really serve you the best!

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