Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital lock: Digital Security with Fire resistance

Fire rated lock

The Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock delivers the future of access control today. This innovative yet elegant solution fortifies your doorway with an excellent fire rating, so you can lock up confidently, come what may. For all its advanced, flameproofing tech, the PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock remains a cinch to use thanks to keyless entry, you-set PINs, fingerprint logins, and magnetic card storage.

Whether demanding utmost security or simply song-and-dancing at the entryway, the PP8100 works its own sort of magic. Digital? Absolutely. Fire resistant? You bet it is. Peace of mind? The Hafele PP8100’s got that for you too.

When high-tech, high-style, and high-level protection combines so brilliantly, it’s time to upgrade your expectations—step on through to the future and beyond. The Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock might be the one for you. Read more to know more!

Explore: Fire Safety Basics

Fire safety is an important aspect of any home or workplace. Every year, thousands of fires break out nationwide, resulting in property damage worth millions of dollars and even loss of life. Understanding the basics of fire safety can help prevent these devastating incidents from occurring.

One key aspect of fire safety is installing functioning smoke detectors throughout your home or workplace. These devices are designed to alert occupants to the presence of smoke and give them time to evacuate before a fire spreads. Testing your smoke detectors regularly and replacing batteries as needed is essential.

Another crucial element of having a plan in place for what to do in the event of a fire emergency is part of fire safety. This includes identifying exits, establishing meeting points outside the building, and practicing evacuation drills with all occupants on a regular basis.

In addition, investing in products that offer both digital security and fire resistance can provide added peacefulness when it comes to protecting your premises & other occupants within the unit during a potential blaze – such as Hafele’s PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock.

How Fire rated lock work?

The lock case, the handle, and the cylinder are its 3 parts. Three main parts of a fire-rated door work in concert to provide fire protection:

1) The metal lock case – The metal lock case serves as the door’s structural frame. It is constructed of heat-resistant materials that do not quickly deteriorate or melt when exposed to Fire. The lock case aids in preserving the door during a fire.

2) The handle and cylinder – Both the locking mechanism and the handle and cylinder mechanism have a rating for high temperatures before failure. This stops the door from opening prematurely.

These components work together to stop the spread of Fire through a door in three crucial ways:

1) Materials that have passed a fire test last longer before weakening or melting.

2) The locking system stops the door from opening too quickly.

3) After being applied around the edges and seams of the fire-rated door, in tumescent seals and gaskets automatically expand to seal any gaps, slowing the heat flow into the doorway.

Features of Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital lock

Here are 12 jaw-dropping Features of the Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock:

Fire rated lock
  1. It can be Managed by a master password and a user password. Total access control and peace of mind.
  2. Double verification can be enabled using 2 of 3 access methods (fingerprint, password, key card). An extra layer of security at every entry.
  3. Private mode allows locking the door from inside for privacy. Double-locking mode secures when no one is home.
  4. Away mode and defense mode automatically increase security when the home is empty.
  5. Auto or manual locking for the convenience and control you choose.
  6. 5 authentication options to unlock – can’t beat this flexibility and security.
  7. 10 failed attempts lock out the verification method (PIN, Fingerprint, card) for 5 minutes to prevent hacking.
  8. Low battery warning beeps so you never get locked out due to dead batteries.
  9. Resistant to electric shocks and interference for secure, reliable access every time.
  10. Use a random number password, and it cannot be easily stolen or cracked.
  11. You can turn on silent mode if required
  12. Stores – 100 fingerprints, 100 magnetic cards, and 1 master password plus 10 user passwords.

Why is it proven as a fire rated Digital lock? 

Fire rated lock

Here are the 3 core reasons why:

1: Cyclic testing passed up to 200,000 times –

The lock mechanism underwent extensive cyclic testing, enduring more than 200,000 open/close cycles to confirm its capacity to withstand high-volume usage while maintaining outstanding performance.

2: Tested and Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022 –
Hafele PP8100 fire rated digital lock complies with Singapore’s rigorous fire safety standards. It has been tested and certified to function for a specified time in high-temperature conditions and has attained a fire rating of 60 minutes because it has been tested and conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022.
It was put through extensive testing to ensure compliance with the most recent standards, which ensured exceptional fire resistance.

3: Tested and achieved a fire rating of 60mins –
The Hafele PP8100 fire rated digital lock has undergone testing and achieved a fire rating of up to 60-minutes. This indicates that it is only suitable for use with our fire rated doors and can withstand fire damage for up to 60 minutes. Our fire rated doors have undergone testing and received 60-minute fire ratings.

Summing up:

The Hafele PP8100 Fire Rated Digital Lock pretty much has it all – high-tech security features, stylish good looks, and certified fire resistance. With options to unlock using your fingerprint, key card, phone or by simply entering a password, this smart lock provides the ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Its durable and robust design has been put through rigorous testing, including surviving over 200,000 open/close cycles and achieving a 60-minute fire rating. So, you can rest assured your home is not only well-protected from intruders but also from high degrees of fires.

If you’re looking for a lock that delivers peacefulness through innovative access control, withstands high volume usage with ease, and offers certified protection during a blaze, the Hafele PP8100 is a smart choice worth investing in. This is obviously the future of security!