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Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]:

How do I reset PIN codes?

In the event that you have accidentally given access to an unwelcome guest, or have used up all 285 available PIN codes (for older models), you can reset your lock via Status tab > "Clear PIN list".

If the lock has been successfully reset, you will no longer be able to use any generated PIN codes. However, the Master PIN will still be valid.

What happens if I lose my smartphone? What can I do to ensure security at my property is not breached?
If you lose your smartphone, you can use another phone to log in to your account to delete your lock from the current account and pair it to a new
account. Following this, contact igloohome hotline +65 3159 1352 immediately to disable your old igloohome account. Once it is disabled, anyone
who picks up your phone will not be able to access any functions on the app. If you wish to reset your email, please email [email protected]
We also recommend that you use Android Manager or Find My iPhone to remotely lock your phone.

Is there a limit to how many Bluetooth Key I can generate?
There are no limits! Feel free to share them with your close friends and family to allow them easy access to your home.

What do access logs on the igloohome mobile app show?
Access logs on the igloohome mobile app show the successful unlock of the lock (via PIN codes or Bluetooth keys), with the date and time of
the unlocking. Do note that access logs for PIN codes are only updated when the master owner uses a Bluetooth key (in Bluetooth range) on the lock.

How close do I have to be for the door to Bluetooth Unlock?
In an open space, 5 Meters. In a crowded environment, with a lot of Bluetooth interfering, it will not be consistent. You will need to touch the lock's keypad in order for Bluetooth Unlock to work. The required range is 1 to 2m.

Is there an auto-lock/ timer re-lock feature on the Keybox and Mortise?
Auto-lock and timer re-lock is available in both models.
For Keybox, you are not able to disable the functions and it locks immediately once the lock is shut.
For Mortise, it is possible to disable the auto-lock function.

I wish to do a retrofit of the lock on my existing door, is it possible? What doors can the igloohomr smart lock be installed on?
Yes, it is able to retrofit on existing HDB, it will require additional accessories and review. For different lock models, there are different door specifications required, please seek advice from gdl installation team. We recommend to install igloohome smart locks on wooden doors.

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