Need to Aware of Few Things Before You Install A Digital Door Lock

The market for digital locks is overwhelming for many Singapore homeowners. With many different brands and styles of digital locks on the market, digital locks can provide a great deal of convenience when leaving and entering your home.

If you decide to buy a digital door lock for your home, you just need to know a few things you should be aware of before you install one on your door.

What kind of doors do you have?

The most common type of home entrance in Singapore is the wooden door and the metal gate.

Ideally, the door should have a flat surface and have a wide enough gap between the main door and the metal gate when both are closed.

Some doors/gates require further modifications and adjustments to have a digital lock installed, which could ultimately result in you incurring a large sum.

Additionally, most gates need to be customized for digital lock installation so it is best to seek professionals for this to check if the lock you want can be installed on your door/gate.

What kind of features do you need?

Some digital door locks are simple, with only the basic features, while others are luxurious and advanced.

Depending on your needs, find out what features are most beneficial to you and the people in your home. If you have children or pets at home, features such as a child/pet resistant safety button will come in handy to keep them from opening the door easily.

If you expect to have many guests entering your home, it may be beneficial to have a lock that includes a one-time visitor code feature that allows your guests to easily enter your home.

If you want to have the most security for your home, there are digital locks available with tamper alarm systems and keypad security and scramble encryption, and auto-lock features that can give you better peace of mind.

What is your budget?

The price of the digital lock is very important to consider before you go to buy one. There are lots of locks available for every kind of budget and it depends on individuals on how much you are willing to invest.

Digital locks are can be priced depends upon the modes of access & features the lock having, brands, and model you choose for your home need.

How long is the warranty?

As with all digital gadgets, it is important to consider the number of years of warranty the digital lock comes with in the event of any defects. Having a longer warranty period will make you feel more reassured because you know that you can always fix any issues you have with your lock without having to shell out large sums of money. While the journey to find the best locks may seem like a gruelling process, the increased comfort and security you’ll enjoy at the end of the day will make it worth it!

Is it possible to fix the digital lock-in existing door/gate?

Yes, you can allow fixing the digital lock in your old door/gate. Only you simply do is, you can contact our salesperson they can enquire about your present door/gate design, type of wood & model and arrange for installation.

What access modes would suit you best?

We have different types of access you can find which one is best suited for your door/gate. But which exactly will make life easier for you? The answer will be below,

The most common of them all is a PIN password or passcode. Not dealing with keys, simply you can enter in a set of numbers and you’re good to go!

We also have a digital lock that allows you to generate time-sensitive PIN codes which are especially useful if you have a part-time cleaning person or child caretaker, they are come by occasionally and they don’t require full-time access to your home.

Then other types of access will be fingerprint access may be best suited for all who are searching for a digital lock. Note, however, that dry hands or ill-defined fingerprints may not work in your favor with this mode.

In this case, digital locks that support Bluetooth technology may work better. You will only need either a smartphone or a key fob to open your door!

Personally, RFID tags and stickers are my favourite modes for entering. Stuck on the back of my phone, I simply tap the sticker to open my door – just like making contactless payments that I’m used to these days.


The workmanship is an important part of digital lock installation. The installer needs to have a good understanding of the door material to avoid damaging the doors during installation. In our Go Digital Lock, we have well-trained and professional workers who will help to fit your digital lock.