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Instead of a key, use a WiFi, Bluetooth, Passcode, Fingerprint, Palm Recognition, Face Recognition, RFID Card, Voice Control to control access with your digital door locks. Perfect for your dream home, staff & stock rooms, our range has a wide variety of digital lock from your favorite security brands, Order yours today.

A smart digital lock is arguably the most important part of a truly smart, connected home. Not only will it allow you to come and go as you please, it will also monitor who is entering and leaving your home while you’re away. Our Digital locks suit for all kinds of doors and gates in Singapore ie. HDB, BTO, Condo, etc.

Many smart locks offer a mobile app that allows you to lock and unlock doors with a simple icon tap. Most apps let you add permanent and temporary users and set access schedules for specific days and times.

Top Branded Digital Locks in Singapore

GDL Digital Lock

GDL DL 7 PRO – the ultimate in security and convenience. With 7 different ways to unlock your door, you’ll always have a convenient way to get in. And with face recognition, you can rest assured that only you can access your home.

DL 7 prp

Kaiser+ H7690 Push Pull Digital Door Lock

(6 Reviews)

Kaiser+ H5800 Lever Handle Digital Door Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1590GNK Gate Digital Lock

(8 Reviews)

Kaiser+ 1500SNK Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Lock

(1 Review)

Kaiser+ HG1390 Glass Door Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Hafele PP8100 Digital Door Lock | Fire Rated Lock

(6 Reviews)

Hafele PP9000 Push Pull Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Hafele ER5100 Digital Door Lock

(2 Reviews)

Hafele GL5600 Gate Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Hafele ER4800 Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaadas K30 Smart Digital Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas L7 Lever Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaadas R7/R6 Keyless Smart Rim Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas R6G Gate Digital Lock

(4 Reviews)

Solity GP-6000BKF Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Solity GP-2000BK Smart IOT Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Solity GR-50BK Digital Door Lock

(2 Reviews)

Solity GA-65B Smart Digital Rim Lock

(3 Reviews)

Solity GD-65B Dual Fingerprint Digital Gate Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DR708 Wifi Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-DP728 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DH538 Digital Lock | Fire Rated Lock

(4 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DS705G Digital Gate Lock

(3 Reviews)


Push-pull digital door lock utilizes a smart door handle with an ultra-modern touchpad. The latest models are designed with the premium push-pull intelligent door lock system for a user-friendly experience. Perfectly equipped with a convenient push-pull handle offering an amazing feel and experience.

Lever handle digital door locks feature a push-down style allowing easy access. It is one of the most popular types of door lock used for residential or commercial purposes. It is easy to unlock the door using a lever handle and used more frequently. Also, it is safe and user-friendly.

Rim digital door locks are evolved from the oldest type of rim locks. It is the same as deadbolt locks and needs a handle to open the door as it does not have a built-in handle like the mortise locks. Rim digital door locks are more suitable for office use and usually installed on glass doors.

digital lock sales
digital lock sales

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Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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