Digital door locks provide reliable security and convenient access control with the help of encryption technology and keycards or mobile apps. They are rapidly replacing traditional key locks in Singapore. We are amongst the top suppliers of digital door locks in Singapore. We have been authorized dealers for 10 reputable digital door lock brands for over a decade now. We offer a wide range of the best home locks to suit different requirements – be it for residential, commercial or industrial applications. Our team of experts can help you choose the ideal lock as per your needs and budget.

Top Branded Digital Locks in Singapore

GDL Digital Lock

GDL DL 7 PRO – the ultimate in security and convenience. With 7 different ways to unlock your door, you’ll always have a convenient way to get in. And with face recognition, you can rest assured that only you can access your home.

fire rated digital lock
Hafele Digital Lock

Every home needs a secure door lock and now, a smart digital lock is a necessity. Unlike other digital locks, the new Mortise lock gives you multiple ways of unlocking your home door.

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Hafele PP8100 Digital Door Lock | Fire Rated Lock

(6 Reviews)

Hafele PP9000 Push Pull Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Hafele ER5100 Digital Door Lock

(2 Reviews)

Hafele GL5600 Gate Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Hafele ER4800 Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)
Kaiser+ Digital Lock

Kaiser+ Digital Lock Specially designed and developed for Singapore wooden doors & metal gate., You’re looking for more fashionable and convenient way to lock your door? Check out Kaiser digital locks

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Kaiser+ H5800 Lever Handle Digital Door Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1590GNK Gate Digital Lock

(8 Reviews)

Kaiser+ 1500SNK Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M2000 Deadbolt Lock

(1 Review)

Kaiser+ HG1390 Glass Door Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Kaiser+ H7891 Push Pull Digital Door Lock

(7 Reviews)
Kaadas Digital Lock

KAADAS insisted on researching & developing and manufacturing smart lock products which have excellent quality, convenient and comfortable user experience, simple and stylish appearance.

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Kaadas K30 3D Face Recognition

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas K30 Smart Digital Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas L7 Lever Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaadas K9 Fire Rated Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaadas R7/R6 Keyless Smart Rim Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas R6G Gate Digital Lock

(4 Reviews)
Solity Digital Lock

Solity digital locks are amazingly designed with fast and accurate fingerprint recognition to allow you solid security and comfort for your property. They are a leading provider of innovative door opening solutions. The products delivered are of high quality and greatly reliable as they go through rigorous testing before launch.

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Solity GSP-2000BK Fire Rated Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Solity GP-2000BK Smart IOT Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Solity GR-50BK Digital Door Lock

(2 Reviews)

Solity GA-65B Smart Digital Rim Lock

(3 Reviews)
Samsung Digital Lock

Samsung Digital Security Locks (Mortise, Deadbolt, Rim) are continually pushing the limits of home security with a newly released WiFi Push Pull lock concept and Bluetooth technology.

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Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-DP728 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DH538 Digital Lock | Fire Rated Lock

(4 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DS510 Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

(1 Review)
Igloohome Digital Lock

Igloohome Digital Lock has been creating innovative technologies in smart access systems for homes, multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings.

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Igloohome Push-Pull Mortise Digital Door Lock

(5 Reviews)

Igloohome Mortise 2 Digital Door Lock | Fire Rated Lock

(7 Reviews)

Igloohome Deadbolt 2S Digital Door Lock

(5 Reviews)

Igloohome Glass Door Lock

(6 Reviews)

Igloohome Rim Lock Metal Gate with Fingerprint

(5 Reviews)
Loghome Digital Lock

Loghome Distributing Smart Home Technology for Building the next cutting edge Digital Door Locks. Built on the basis of security & reliability, LogHome’s regionally acclaimed digital locks have no doubt gained much popularity from homeowners over the years.

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Philips Digital Lock

Philips digital locks are known to make your life wonderful with its innovation and design. With its advanced features like auto-locking, dual verification unlocking and fake pincode offers you top grade security, reassurance and comfort. Besides these, it also offers you extraordinary features keeping your property safe and allowing you more convenience.

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Aqara Smart Door Lock A100





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Aqara Smart Door Lock D100





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Push-pull digital door lock utilizes a smart door handle with an ultra-modern touchpad. The latest models are designed with the premium push-pull intelligent door lock system for a user-friendly experience. Perfectly equipped with a convenient push-pull handle offering an amazing feel and experience.

Lever handle digital door locks feature a push-down style allowing easy access. It is one of the most popular types of door lock used for residential or commercial purposes. It is easy to unlock the door using a lever handle and used more frequently. Also, it is safe and user-friendly.

Rim digital door locks are evolved from the oldest type of rim locks. It is the same as deadbolt locks and needs a handle to open the door as it does not have a built-in handle like the mortise locks. Rim digital door locks are more suitable for office use and usually installed on glass doors.

digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
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We live in Pasir Ris so Go Digital Lock is our 1st stop since it is the nearest. Initially, We just wanted to have a look only but ended up making an order of their wooden door, Samsung Digital Lock
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Fanny is very patient and always tries to put up with my requests even though some of it may be very last minute, very helpful and always contactable throughout, definitely recommended!!
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact

What is a Digital door lock in Singapore?


A digital door lock in Singapore refers to an electronically controlled locking mechanism that uses a digital code for access. These digital locks offer a highly secure and convenient way to lock and unlock doors as they utilize numeric keypads, smartphone apps, fingerprint, or RFID card systems instead of traditional keys. Digital door locks provide keyless entry and audit trails of who has accessed the door and when. They eliminate the hassles of carrying and keeping track of physical keys.


Where can a Digital door lock in Singapore be used?


  • Residential homes – Digital door locks provide round-the-clock security for homes and allow residents to grant or revoke access to visitors easily.
  • Offices – Businesses can install digital door locks on office doors for secure access control and to monitor employees’ comings and goings.
  • Commercial areas – Digital door locks can be used in doors of commercial areas like schools, shops, and commercial properties like BTO and reseller flats.


Cost of a Digital door lock


Discover a wide range of digital door locks to suit any budget and preference. From affordable options starting at $399 to advanced models exceeding $1000+, we have locks from various brands and models. Our budget-friendly locks provide essential security features, while our premium locks offer cutting-edge technology such as biometric fingerprint scanning and smart connectivity. Rest assured, all our locks are carefully selected for quality and durability.

Find the perfect digital door lock for your home or office, ensuring the best security. If you need more knowledge about the cost, go online and search for the best digital door lock Singapore review and also search about its cost. We have digital locks from brands like Solity, Hafele, Igloohome, Philips, Samsung to Saicss digital locks, then explore our collection today.


Key Features of Digital door lock


Some common features of a reliable digital door lock are :

  • Multiple authentication methods: As mentioned, in addition to PIN codes, many digital door locks offer alternative authentication methods like fingerprints, keycards and fobs, and mobile apps. This provides more options and flexibility.
  • Stores Multiple user data: Digital door locks can store data for multiple users, giving access to different pins, fingerprints, keycards, etc. This allows for managing access for different people.
  • Easy & speedy unlocking:Since users enter a code or scan their fingerprint to unlock, it takes less time and effort compared to inserting a physical key into the lock.
  • Activity logs: As mentioned, digital door locks keep detailed records of who accessed the door and when. This can help with security monitoring and audit purposes.
  • Remote access control: Through the app connectivity, users can remotely grant access, revoke access, lock/unlock the door, and change PIN codes – all from their smartphones.
  • Programmable features: Many digital locks allow users to program features like auto-lock timers, temporary access codes, access schedules, chime alerts, etc.
  • Robust security: Digital door locks tend to offer more robust security with options like encryption of wireless signals, fail secure designs, etc., compared to mechanical locks.

If you need to know where to buy door locks in Singapore, then come over to our store and explore our digital door lock collections; most of the models come with the above-mentioned features!


Benefits of buying a Digital door lock from Go Digital lock.


-Offers Free installation and shipping services

-24 month warranty

-Delivery within 24-hours all over Singapore

-Authorized dealer of Top-rated digital door locks


Installation details


Go Digital Lock offers free installation of digital door locks across Singapore. Our professional installers can quickly and properly fit a wide variety of digital door lock models for optimum security in properties and HDB flats. We strive to provide the fastest installation in the country, completing jobs efficiently to minimize disruptions.

With over a decade of experience installing digital door locks, we have earned our 5-star rating from hundreds of satisfied customers who have put their trust in our work. We offer free installation to ensure customers get the most value from their new digital door locks. Our technicians handle the entire process, so you don’t have to handle any hassles.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a convenient and secure digital door lock! Our team will recommend the best digital lock Singapore model to suit your needs and budget!

Once you experience our expert installation service and hassle-free digital door locks, you’ll understand why we’re Singapore’s trusted brand for smart home security solutions. Give us a call now to upgrade your home’s security system.

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