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Novita Hydro Plus Premium Water Ionizer – NP9932i

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Alkoline Water


Delivering a powerful ionization performance with enhanced stability and a prolonged durability system, this water ionizer remains sophisticated with its refined user interface and operating system.

Improved User Experience:

Select a pH level setting, turn on the control knob and get instant dispensing of your desired alkaline or acidic water in no time.

Most powerful:

The smart intelligence processor within enables a more powerful ionization performance efficiency and higher consistency of water quality standard.

Enhanced Stability System:

The titanium electrode plates are coated with platinum and undergoes a baking process for better integration of the 2 metals for enhance stability and durability of the electrolytic chamber cell.

Alkaline water


How do I know if my water is alkaline?

It’s simple! Drip a few drops of pH test reagent into the water for a quick comparison of the colour change to the pH chart. Alternatively, you may also use a digital pH meter to display the pH reading with higher accuracy and precision.

Excessive Free Radicals


Technical Specification:

Dimensions (W x D x H): 245 x 150 x 355 mm
Net Weight 5.1 kg
ORP Reduction: Alkaline Level 1: pH 8.5 / ORP -150mV
• Alkaline Level 2: pH 9.0 / ORP -200mV
• Alkaline Level 3: pH 9.5 / ORP -250mV
• Alkaline Level 4: pH 10.0 / ORP -300mV
Purified: pH & ORP inherent from water source • Acidic Level 1: pH 5.0
• Acidic Level 2: pH 3.5
Power Consumption 90 Watts
Water Supply Direct Connect to faucet or piping
Ionized Water Output Rate

(Alkaline + Acidic Water)

Recommended 2.0 llitres/ min
Applicable Water Inflow Pressure 0.7 – 5.0 kgf / cm²
Applicable Water Temperature 5 – 30 °C
Electrodes Baked Platinised – Titanium
Cleaning Device • Patented auto cleaning water cell (no waiting interval)
• Patent number 10-0844394 & 10-1007734

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