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Best Deal Novita x Digital lock gate door bundle

  • Save time & money with this value-added bundle
  • Limited-time Deal
  • Free Installation
  • Free On-site measurement
  • Free Delivery

Purchase Novita water dispenser and get $200 discount on digital lock/door/gate

Why should you consider this deal?

  • There are no additional fees associated with this deal. Whenever we offer a bundle, all of our products for doors and gates are free of added costs.
  • Get a chance to purchase Factory-made items at a discount: We don’t buy from wholesalers and resell them to customers like most other sellers; we provide premium doors and gates.
  • Exclusive $200 discount on door, gate, and digital locks: This sale has little time left. To choose the style of water dispenser you want to buy, go through our catalogue or website. You can also contact us with any other questions about the items.
  • You can get three of the most feature-packed Novita water dispensers at a significant discount.
  • Here is what each hot and cold dispenser on this deal is known for:
  • Novita instant hot and cold water dispenser W1 – With the convenience of automatic dispensing in 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, or even 3L quantities, the Novita instant hot and cold water dispenser W1 provides instant access to hot, cold, warm, or room temperature water.
  • Best hot and cold water dispenser froim┬áNovita W29 –┬áThis dispenser offers four temperature settings (hot, cold, warm, and room temperature) to meet all-day hydration needs. Its large water tank capacity is 1.3 liters for hot water and 1.4 liters for cold water.
  • Novita instant hot water dispenser W18 – has a hot water protection lock to prevent accidental scalding and an energy-saving mode from conserving energy because it is designed to save energy and water with zero wastage.

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