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Samsung digital locks offer you convenience and high security for your home. Their digital door and gate locks provide ease of access with unique passcodes or fingerprints. As an authorized Samsung dealer, we offer some wide collections of Samsung lock models to suit your needs and budget. Let our experts help you find the perfect Samsung digital lock to improve the security of your property – contact us today.

Samsung Digital Lock Types


Samsung SHP-DH538 Digital Lock | Fire Rated Lock

(4 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DH537 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-DH525 Lever Handle Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-DH705 (SHS-5230) Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-DH505 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)


Samsung SHP-DS510 Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

(1 Review)

Samsung SHS-3321 Smart Door lock

(3 Reviews)


Samsung SHS-G517 Glass Digital Lock

(2 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DS705 Digital Lock

(2 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DS705G Digital Gate Lock

(3 Reviews)
digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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Samsung SHP-DR708 Wifi Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-DP728 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-P718 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHP-DP727 Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Samsung SHS-P717 Digital Lock

(2 Reviews)


Mortise (Push Pull Handle)

Max User Memory1 User (PIN), 20 Cards, 100 Fingerprins1 User (PIN), 20 Cards1 Master (PIN), 30 Users (PIN/Cards), 100 Fingerprints1 Master (PIN), 30 Users (PIN/Cards)
Access ModeMobile App, PIN/Card, Fingerprint, Override KeyMobile App, PIN/Card, Override KeyFingerprint, PIN/Card, Override KeyPIN/Card, Override Key
User-Friendly InterfaceYesYesYesYes
Double VerificationPIN+FingerprintPIN+CardPIN+FingerprintPIN+Card
Auto Card DetectionYesYesYesYes
Intrution PreventionYesYesYesYes
Out-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm86*387*6186*387*6186*387*6186*387*61
In-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm86*354.8*6386*354.8*6386*354.8*6386*354.8*63
Applicable Door Thickness30-8030-8030-8030-80
Door to Gate Allowance70mm70mm65mm65mm

Mortise (Lever Lock Handle)

Max User Memory1 User (PIN), 20 Cards1 Master (PIN), 30 Users (PIN/Cards)1 User (PIN), 20 Cards1 Master (PIN), 10 Users PIN, 100 Fingerprints
Access ModeMobile App, PIN/Card, Override KeyPIN/Card, Override KeyPIN/Card, Override KeyPIN/Fingerprint, Override Key
User-Friendly InterfaceNoNoNoNo
Double VerificationPIN+CardPIN+CardPIN+CardPIN+Fingerprint
Auto Card DetectionNoNoYesYes
Intrution PreventionYesYesNoYes
Out-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm81*315*7581*302*6681*306*6481.3*318*75
In-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm79*290*8079*290*8079*290*8079*290*80
Applicable Door Thickness40-8040-8040-8040-80
Door to Gate Allowance70mm70mm70mm90mm

Deadbolt (W/O Handle)

Max User Memory1 Master (PIN), 100 Users (PIN/Cards)1 Master (PIN), 70 Users (PIN/Cards)1 Master (PIN), 70 Users (PIN/Cards)1 Master (PIN), 20 Cards
Access ModePIN/Card, 2 Override KeyPIN/CardPIN/CardPIN/Card
User-Friendly InterfaceNoNoNoNo
Double VerificationPIN+CardPIN+CardPIN+CardPIN+Card
Auto Card DetectionNoNoYesNo
Intrution PreventionNoNoNoYes
Out-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm69*160*3669*180*36.578*173.4*18.142*42*25
In-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm70*164*3968*180*38.372.7*171.1*45.3140*106*44
Applicable Door Thickness35-5535-559-1335-50
Door to Gate Allowance90mm90mm90mm170mm

RIM(W/O Handle)

Max User Memory1 Master (PIN), 20 Cards1 Master (PIN), 20 Cards1 Master (PIN), 20 Cards1 Master (PIN), 20 Cards
Access ModeMobile App, PIN/CardMobile App, PIN/Card/RCPIN/CardPIN/Card
User-Friendly InterfaceNoNoYesNo
Double VerificationPIN+CardPIN+CardPIN+CardPIN+Card
Auto Card DetectionNoNoNoNo
Intrution PreventionYesYesYesNo
Out-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm42*42*2542*42*2565.2*170.5*22.569*175*22
In-body Dimention (WxHxD)mm140*106*44140*106*53182*90*40.7181*92*48
Applicable Door Thickness35-5035-5035-5040-50
Door to Gate Allowance170mm170mm180mm180mm



Our Installation Projects

go digital lockCustomer Says

Fast and great installation! Will recommend tp our friends and relatives😁
nabila shjl August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Had a good experience with your sales person called Zack. He was very helpful in answering my questions re digital locks. A kudo to your company for having such a good staff, I will definitely buy again... He gave us the assurance of all being follow up
Ray Hua August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
Kee Sin Lam August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
We live in Pasir Ris so Go Digital Lock is our 1st stop since it is the nearest. Initially, We just wanted to have a look only but ended up making an order of their wooden door, Samsung Digital Lock & Philips Smart Door Viewer after being served by Evon. The 2 workers that helped to fix everything are very
cf Yong August 2
Rated 5 out of 5
Fanny is very patient and always tries to put up with my requests even though some of it may be very last minute, very helpful and always contactable throughout, definitely recommended!!
Kenneth Ng January 4
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Job well done! Really loving it...😍
Yanti Syed January 4
Rated 5 out of 5
digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact

What is a Samsung digital lock?

Samsung digital door locks have become a popular security choice for homes and businesses in Singapore and Malaysia. These advanced electronic locks provide effective access management with convenient features. Samsung digital door lock for metal gates & Samsung digital lock door lock Singapore models are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions while offering reliable performance.

Samsung’s rugged build quality comes from utilizing advanced materials and moisture seals to withstand outdoor elements. Extra options like dual-sided latches, silent modes, battery backups, and top notch frame protection enhance usability and security.

Samsung digital door locks strive to provide convenience & flexibility IN Functioning through innovative technologies and design. Their high performance helps secure your home while adding value.

Where can a Samsung digital lock be used?

Here are some specific places where Samsung digital locks can be used:

1)Homes: Samsung digital locks are widely used in residential properties, including HDB apartments, condominiums, and houses. They offer keyless entry options, ensuring convenience and security for homeowners.

2)Offices: Samsung digital locks are suitable for office spaces and provide controlled access to different areas within the premises. They can be programmed to allow authorized personnel entry while restricting access to others, enhancing overall security.

3)Commercial Buildings: Samsung digital locks can be installed in commercial buildings such as retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. They offer secure access control, allowing authorized individuals to enter restricted areas or guest rooms.

4)Educational Institutions: Samsung digital locks can be utilized in schools, colleges, and universities to ensure restricted access to certain areas like classrooms, administrative offices, or laboratories.

5)Healthcare Facilities: Samsung digital locks can be employed in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to control access to restricted areas like patient rooms, medication storage areas, and labs.

6)Hospitality Industry: Samsung digital locks are commonly used in hotels and resorts to provide keyless entry for guest rooms. They offer convenience and security, allowing guests to enter their rooms using passcodes, RFID cards, or fingerprints.

Cost of a Samsung digital lock

We offer a range of Samsung digital locks in Singapore, providing both security and convenience for your home. With various types available, such as push-pull, WiFi, Bluetooth, and fingerprint door locks, you can choose the one that suits your needs. The prices of these digital locks vary depending on the model.

For example, the Samsung SHP-DP609 Latest Push Pull WiFi Digital Door Lock is priced at $970.00 (discounted from $1,080.00), while the Samsung SHP-DR708 Wifi Digital Lock is priced at $1,080.00 (discounted from $1,170.00).

The Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock is available for $999.00 (discounted from $1,180.00), and the Samsung SHP-DP728 Digital Lock is priced at $860.00 (discounted from $1,080.00).

These prices provide you with an overview of the cost range for Samsung digital locks offered by GoDigitalLock. For more information and specific pricing details, you can contact us directly.

Key Features of Samsung digital lock?

These are the key features of Samsung digital locks:

1)Multiple modes of unlocking: These locks have an unlimited number of options to unlock them. You can use either a keypad, Bluetooth, WIFI, a smart card, a keyfob, or any other option you prefer.

2)Push/Pull Action: We have a few Samsung digital locks that feature a push/pull mechanism that allows users to open the door easily, adding convenience to the locking and unlocking process.

3)Smartphone Doorbell Functionality: Some Samsung digital locks offer a built-in doorbell function, notifying you on your smartphone when someone rings the doorbell.

4)Status Monitoring Through Smartphone App: Samsung digital locks can provide real-time status monitoring, allowing users to check the lock’s status remotely using a smartphone app.

5)Random Security Code for Passcode Protection: To enhance security, Samsung digital locks may offer a random security code feature that helps protect passcodes from being easily guessed or hacked.

6)Enhanced User Data Security: Samsung digital locks prioritize user data security, implementing measures to safeguard personal information and ensure peace of mind for users.

7)One-Touch Anti-Theft Setup: Samsung digital locks may include an anti-theft setup feature, enabling users to activate security measures with a single touch to enhance protection against unauthorized access

Note: If you are, you can also check out Samsung digital lock manual to learn how to use these features. The majority of Samsung digital lock for metal gates and main doors has user manuals

What benefits of buying a Samsung digital lock & gate lock from Go Digital lock

  • We provide shipping service and installation services for our clients for FREE.
  • All of the Digitial locks come with a 24-month manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • We ensure speedy delivery no matter where you are in Singapore.
  • As an authorized distributor, we carry well-established Samsung digital lock Singapore models.

Installation details

We offer free installation throughout Singapore. Our professional technicians are well-trained to provide you with the best customer service and speedy installation. We are renowned for our quick and hassle-free installation of Samsung digital locks. That is why we have over 500 positive reviews on Google with a 5/5 average rating for our installation services. Contact us today to get your Samsung digital lock installed by our expert technicians. Our aim is to provide you the ultimate convenient and secure solution for your home or office with the highest standards of workmanship and customer care.

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