Why Should You Choose Loghome Digital Locks?

Loghome is one of the leading brands and maintains a reputation for building and enhancing great security and reliability for our customers in Singapore. Loghome digital locks are specially designed to install on any main doors, metal gates & glass doors.

These locks are manufactured of top-grade quality allowing a great sense of assurance for the security of your home with a stylish, user-friendly, and convenient lock. Do visit our showroom to access this product and avail of its benefits.

With the advanced technology Loghome digital locks allow you multiple access options and amazing features at your fingertips. They are also known as smart locks that are quite convenient to use, easy to lock, unlock, etc.

Loghome digital locks are available with user-friendly options like smart app compatibility, touch screen facilities, Bluetooth option, fingerprint/retina detection, and many more. Since this company is designed and manufactured in Korea, these digital door locks are of superior quality and timely upgraded.
What are the access options for Loghome digital locks?

Discover the Benefits of Loghome Digital Locks

  • Enter Password

Loghome digital door locks allow you to enter the PIN from 3-19 digits. You can set the PIN according to your convenience to deliver you the utmost security and comfort.

  • Access using RFID card / RFID tag key

RFID card / RFID tag key unlocks your door or gate easily. They work by transmitting the signal to the card reader incorporated into the device and the door lock is opened once the signal is recognized.

  • Unlock using your finger

With a fingerprint access feature, you can easily open the door with a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. You can experience precise and quick access with optical fingerprint authentication. You don’t have to worry about memorizing a password.

  • Remote control offers easy access

The remote control feature allows you to unlock your door remotely. The remote control here is designed and works similar to a car key fob wherein the moment you press the button the door is easily unlocked.

  • Unlock your door using mechanical keys

Mechanical keys are provided with this digital lock. You can also unlock your door using mechanical keys.

Other awesome features for Loghome digital locks:

  • Fire sensing function

Loghome digital locks possess an advanced sensor that detects fire and automatically offers you easy access. Also, the door will automatically open once the thermal detection sensor detects heat 60℃ ± 10℃.

  • Auto-locking function

This feature makes you more convenient as there is no need to waste your time waiting near the door. Also, it reassures you that the door is properly locked.

  • Password exposure-proof function

Before entering the password, this feature allows you to enter random digits without any limitation and then enter the password. So, that your password is not easily recognized offering you more security.

  • Lock error check

If the door is not closed properly, the machine will try to open the door three times and the ‘beep’ sound will remind you of an error to close the door properly.