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Loghome Digital Lock Singapore

Loghome Digital Lock Singapore

This Loghome Digital lock Singapore brand holds a reputation for building their locks on the basis of security and reliability. Loghome digital locks are designed to work on any doors, whether flush, steel, or wooden doors.

The locks come with a one-year full on-site warranty. Besides providing a great sense of assurance for the security of your home, they are also stylish, user-friendly, and convenient.

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Loghome Digital Door Lock

Protect your house with Loghome digital lock

Traditional padlocks have gone out of fashion. They are not very safe and are also tiresome to use and handle. It is a hassle you would love to avoid. Technology has advanced considerably over the years. Digital locks are the in-thing now. They are also known as smart door locks and these are convenient to use, easy to lock, unlock and very secure. Initially, digital locks came with a personal identification number that you had to press for entering. These days, you get locks with smart app compatibility, touch screen facilities, Bluetooth option, fingerprint/retina detection, and more. Loghome is one such digital lock. You can easily get Loghome in Singapore too.

Designed and manufactured in Korea, the products of this company are the best in class and highly updated. There are four models of locks that the brand creates. While three of them work on RFID technology, the last one uses fingerprint detection to lock and unlock. Irrespective of what kind of door you have at home, these locks can be installed and used. One of the main advantages of using these keyless locks is the freedom of not having to carry your keys everywhere. Buy Loghome locks and you can get in and out of your house with no hassles.

Provide access to guests and housekeepers

If you are away from your house for long hours each day, handling housekeepers, dog walkers and other helpers becomes difficult. With the Loghome locks, you only need to give a passcode to the concerned people to enable them to enter. If your kids keep losing their home keys in your absence, then changing your traditional padlock to digital ones is very important. The LH300 series of locks from this brand comes with RFID card access and pin code. It has anti-theft and prank protection too. The LH5000 series of Loghome door locks have fingerprint detection, built-in fire alarm/sensor, and a force open alarm.

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