Advantages of a Digital Door Lock

Unlocking the Advantages of Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks are great for businesses and landlords alike. Their beauty lies not only in the high level of security they provide (being impossible to pick requiring more technological solutions to bypass which are beyond the M.O.s of most common thieves), but also in the fact that they don’t require keys and can be programmed. In the old days of a mechanical lock, if an employee went rogue and left under bad terms it might be necessary to have the locks changed on every door and to then dish out new keys individually to each member of staff. People would regularly lose their keys too, or have them stolen, and the cost just in having keys copied would start to weigh heavily on a company’s overheads. A far preferable solution then would be to have no keys at all, and that’s what a digital door lock provides – using a key code or biometric data to do away with the need for physical keys that can be lost or misplaced. Even those that use a key card (utilizing a magnetic strip) are far easier to replace and can carry data about the individual allowing them to be ’voided’ in the case that they get lost or someone leaves the company and no longer needs them. Another advantage of digital door locks for larger buildings such as office blocks or blocks of flats is that they can be remotely operated. This is great for companies who don’t always have the time or manpower to spare to send people down to open the door in person It can also be great for the elderly who don’t like using long flights of stares. This way, using a video or audio intercom system to allow communication and enable to resident or employee to identify their visitor and then opt to ’buzz’ them in from where they are as they see fit. There are of course some down sides to digital door locks – they are arguably more complicated for the less tech savvy among us, they are more prone to crashing or failing (the more complicated a system the more there is to go wrong – particularly when it’s dependent on a power source) and the initial installation and maintenance is more costly. However these disadvantages are certainly offset by the advantages as is shown by the fact that almost every large company today uses digital locking systems. For example although they cost more to install, this money should be made back through the amount saved by not needing to replace the locks or copy keys. So there’s no doubt that for large buildings, buildings containing sensitive data or valuable goods, or businesses with multiple employees digital door locks are highly useful – and as this technology decreases in price over time it might also be more practical to use in our own homes which will also be likely to bring improved security and practicality. For those who are disabled and unable to get to the door quickly and/or who struggle with keys, it might be worth the extra investment now for the massive advantages it could bring.

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