Fire Rated Digital Locks – Ultimate Security

best fire rated digital locks Singapore

Fire rated digital locks—the best way to protect everything you hold dear! Keep your home, office, and valuables safe from fire damage with a short burst of heat-resistant security.

Our Fire rated digital locks come in a variety of Authentications, styles, and colors—so no matter what kind of door size you have 3×7 or 4×7 Feet – We’ve got the perfect one according to your door size (make sure it’s not below 36mm Thick).

Our installation team will quickly and easily install the lock at your premises, providing you with a cost-effective and hassle-free installation experience. Get the security and peace of mind you need—choose fire-rated digital locks today!

Fire rated Digital lock :

Best fire rated digital locks Singapore

These locks aim to protect your home – and all its inhabitants – from the destructiveness of fire. They are constructed with materials that resist erosion or degradation under extremely high temperatures – so when the fire alarms sound, you can rest assured that your doors will remain securely shut.

If you have an HDB home near the stairs or elevator within a distance of 3m, a fire-rated main door is mandatory. If you are considering installing a digital lock, you will need to install a fire-rated digital lock. Our Hafele 8100 is approved for use with our fire-rated door.”

So, what do these digital locks do? They help protect your doors from fire damage by standing up to temperatures of up to 800-1000 degrees Celsius! A must-have for safety-conscious homeowners. 

Non fire rated Digital locks :

Best digital locks in Singapore

Wondering what Non Fire-Rated Digital Locks are? Let us explain! These locks are specially designed for Singapore homes and can be used as a primary or secondary access control device. They offer high security yet make it easy to add and delete user profiles quickly.

We have more non -firer rated Digital locks from 11 different brands; the most popular one is kaiser Plus. The big advantage of Non fire-rated locks is their flexibility & convenience. In addition to being flexible & reliable, it is also well-suited for any door that’s above 36mm thick.

So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet advanced home security system that does all the things, including smart home access, then go for it!

Think Fire rated lock, Think Go digital lock

Best fire rated digital locks Singapore

Fire safety is no joking matter. So, you need to be sure you’re investing in a digital lock that has the necessary fire-rated certification that come under Singapore Standards. But with so many options, deciding which one is best can be difficult. From Samsung to Solity, Igloohome to Hafele – the list of highly certified fire-rated digital locks goes on and on! So how do you narrow down your options? Take a deep breath and relax. We’ve got all the information you need right here: choose the most suitable lock and let us handle the rest.

In short, call our sales representatives, and they will clear all your doubts regarding Fire rated Digital locks!