Sliding Glass Doors: Elegance and Functionality for Your Space

Generally, a sliding glass door consists of panels of glass that are framed and mounted on rails to allow them to slide open by rolling to the side or sliding on rollers. Sliding glass doors are typically constructed with two panels of glass on a metal or wood frame. They most commonly have two, three or four panels (depending on the frame size) that slide in parallel tracks to allow for easy opening and closing. These doors are designed to let plenty of natural light into the home while providing easy access to outdoor spaces that offer seamless indoor-outdoor connections.

sliding glass door
sliding glass door
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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Where can a Sliding Glass Door be used?

The various place where this sliding glass door is used are:

• In Homes
Sliding glass doors can be used in homes to provide access from living areas like family rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens directly onto patios, decks, and backyards.
• In Bedrooms
They are also commonly installed in bedrooms for outdoor access and pleasant natural light while sleeping.
• In Businesses
In businesses like stores and offices, sliding doors allow customers and employees to easily pass from indoor sections to outdoor areas such as gardens, atriums, and parking lots.
• In Public Spaces
Many public spaces also utilize sliding glass doors, including hotels, restaurants, Banks, schools, event centres and many more.

Cost of a Sliding Glass Door

The typical lowest cost for most sliding doors is around $500-800 for basic designs. The highest costs for high-end door designs usually start at about $1,000 or more. Most of the sliding glass doors will not only come with glass panels alone, but they are also available along with wood panels and frames.

Features of our Sliding Glass Door

1)Space Saving Design – Sliding glass doors require little space for opening and closing since they slide to the side instead of swinging outwards. This saves valuable floor space in rooms.
2)Natural Light – Large panes of glass allow plenty of natural light to flood into rooms, making spaces feel brighter and airier. The broad views also make rooms feel more open and connected to the outdoors.
3)Improved Ventilation – Unlike hinged doors, sliding glass doors allow for cross ventilation when both doors are opened. This improves airflow and reduces the need for air conditioning.
4)Easy Access – Sliding doors provide wide, unobstructed access into and out of rooms. There are no door swings to worry about. This makes it convenient for bringing in large furniture and appliances.
5)Security Features – Modern sliding glass doors have multiple security features like locks, anti-lift devices, and tempered glass for durability. Added features like blinds and curtains also enhance security.
6)Minimal Maintenance – Sliding glass doors require very little maintenance over time. The stainless steel rollers ensure smooth operation for years with only occasional lubrication. The glass panes are also easy to clean.
7)Aesthetic Appeal – The full view offered by sliding glass doors makes them an appealing design element that can drastically change the look of a room. They let in an abundance of natural light that elevates the ambiance.

Benefits of buying Sliding Glass Door from Go Digital lock

✔ We provide free shipping and installation services for all our clients.
✔ All our sliding glass doors come with an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty, free of cost.
✔ We guarantee speedy delivery to any part of Singapore at no charge.
✔ Being a trusted seller, we offer only top-quality sliding barn doors made using premium materials at fair prices.

Installation details

We’ll install your new sliding glass door for free! Once you book the door with us, we’ll manufacture it right at our factory. Our expertly crafted door will then be scheduled for delivery at a convenient time for you. Normally we discuss the best installation time after you place the order. We aim to provide the best after-sales service to our customers. Our team of trained installers will fit the door securely and properly within the time agreed. They will make sure everything is working correctly and that you are happy with how the door looks and functions once installed. We want you to be confident you made the right choice coming to us. Our dedication to customer service and quality is why so many homeowners in Singapore trust us as a reliable door supplier and installer. So go ahead and book your new sliding glass door today! We’ll take care of the rest.

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