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Phillips digital door locks and gate locks provide smart security and convenience for your property. As authorized dealers of Philips digital locks, we sell various top-rated models to suit your needs and budget. With years of experience selling and installing Phillips digital locks, we are the most trusted source for high-quality Philips gate digital locks and Phillips digital door locks in Singapore. Trust us for the full range of Phillips locks with advanced features and reliable performance.

It will make your life wonderful with their innovation and design.

Philips Digital Lock

Philips Easykey 9200 Fire Rated Digital Lock

Original price was: $1,099.00.Current price is: $1,060.00.
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Philips Easykey 702E Digital Door Lock

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Philips Easykey 9100 Digital Lock

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digital lock sales
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Philips Digital Door Lock



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Fast and great installation! Will recommend tp our friends and relatives😁
nabila shjl August 5
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Had a good experience with your sales person called Zack. He was very helpful in answering my questions re digital locks. A kudo to your company for having such a good staff, I will definitely buy again... He gave us the assurance of all being follow up
Ray Hua August 5
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Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
Kee Sin Lam August 5
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We live in Pasir Ris so Go Digital Lock is our 1st stop since it is the nearest. Initially, We just wanted to have a look only but ended up making an order of their wooden door, Samsung Digital Lock & Philips Smart Door Viewer after being served by Evon. The 2 workers that helped to fix everything are very
cf Yong August 2
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Fanny is very patient and always tries to put up with my requests even though some of it may be very last minute, very helpful and always contactable throughout, definitely recommended!!
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Job well done! Really loving it...😍
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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What is a Philips digital lock?

Philips digital locks offer smart security and convenience for homes and offices. These electronic locks can be accessed using different methods like fingerprints, RFID cards, passcodes, mechanical keys, or facial recognition. Some Philips digital locks have helpful features too, such as auto-locking, dual verification unlocking, fake PIN codes, video functions, and app monitoring. Philips digital locks are manufactured by following European quality standards, making them a reliable smart lock brand. They provide advanced access control through fingerprint, PIN code, or app control while giving homeowners and business owners the convenience of not carrying physical keys.

Where can a Philips digital lock be used?

Common applications of digital door & gate locks in Singapore include:
  • Securing condominium and HDB Flat complexes – Giving residents password-protected access while restricting outsiders.
  • Securing private homes and landed property gates- Providing a convenient, secure locking system.
  • Controlling access to office buildings – Assigning codes to employees and authorized vendors.
  • Access control for schools and colleges – Allowing students, faculty, and staff entrance while restricting others.

Cost of a Philips digital digital lock

You see, there is a wide range of Philips digital door locks and gate locks are available at competitive rates to suit different needs and budgets. Popular models include the Philips Easykey 9300 push-pull lock rated at $1,180, the Philips Easykey 9200 lock for $1,099, the Philips Easykey 6100 for $699, and the Philips Easykey 7300 fire-rated lock for $780. Philips digital locks are rated 5 stars for quality and reliability whether you need a push-pull lock, fire-rated lock, or gate lock. Though availability varies, Philips digital locks secure properties through smart technology. Please contact us to learn more about Philips digital door locks or Philips gate lock that suit your requirements and secure your property with a trusted brand. You can also learn more about Philips digital locks by analyzing Philips digital lock reviews online

Key Features of Philips digital lock

Explore these Key Features of Philips Digital Door & gate Lock :

1)Different Authentications: Unlock your door using various methods, including WiFi/bluetooth, fingerprint, RFID card, password, and mechanical key. 

2)IoT Smart Door Lock: Enjoy extreme convenience with instinctive fingerprint verification, fully automatic switch, and infrared sensor. Link it with an IoT gateway and smart door viewer for enhanced security. 

3)Safety Features: Benefit from fake PIN code protection, outside forced lock detection, and dual verification for added security.  

4)Mortise and Locking System: Features a full auto mortise with a C-grade lock cylinder, system lock, and indoor deadlock. 

5)Alarming Capabilities: Includes anti-prying and outside forced-lock alarms to deter unauthorized access. 

6)Indicator Lights: Provides clear indications for low battery, lock status, mute status, system lock, outside forced-lock, indoor infrared unlocking, and open/close infrared unlocking. 

7)Push-Pull Handle: Ergonomic design for easy opening and closing. 

8)Fingerprint Sensor: Utilizes semiconductor technology for accurate and reliable fingerprint recognition. 

9)Durable Construction: Made with high-quality zinc alloy, tempered glass, and an electroplating finish. Available in black or copper color. 

10)Emergency Escape: A Philips digital lock Singapore features an indoor fast-opening mortise for emergencies. 

11)Ample Capacity: Most of the models Support up to 100 fingerprints and 100 cards, along with 1 master PIN code, 10 user PIN codes, and 1-time PIN code. 

12)Operation Modes: Choose between manual and auto modes for flexible control. 

13)Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for wooden, copper, and security doors with various thicknesses (38-60 mm, 60-90 mm) and opening directions (left-in, left-out, right-in, right-out).

Benefits of buying Philips digital door & gate lock from Go Digital lock

  • We offer free shipping and installation services.
  • All digital door locks come with a 2-year warranty (few models can provide 3-year warranty like : Philips Easykey 9300)
  • We deliver within 24 hours anywhere in Singapore.
  • As an authorized dealer, we stock top branded digital lock brands.

Installation details

We provide free installation for Philips digital door locks and gate digital locks anywhere in Singapore. Our priority is customer satisfaction so we handle the whole installation process for you. Digital door lock & Philips gate digital lock installation can be complex, so we offer free on-site installation regardless of your location. Contact us to discuss a custom installation plan and pricing option to suit your needs. As an authorized Philips dealer, we have extensive experience selling and installing Philips digital gate & digital door locks. We aim to deliver a Philips digital lock you can trust for years. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Philips digital lock in Singapore. We take pride in offering high-quality Philips digital locks and superior installation services.

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