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Are you seeking for a practical and clever approach to improve the security of your home? If so, Kaadas digital locks, the top supplier of digital locks in Singapore, would be something to think about. With the newest technology and features, Kaadas digital locks provide you with the best modern home security option.

We’re the authorized dealer of Kaadas digital locks! Experience the gold standard in home security with Kaadas digital locks. As authorized dealers of Kaadas digital locks, we offer top-selling kaadas smart lock models for all your access control needs, as we offer kaadas r6g and a few more.

Kaadas digital locks are known for their advanced fingerprint and password access, high-grade security, and durability. We have exclusive kaadas door lock and kaadas gate lock for your HBD and condo entrance doors & gates!

Kaadas Digital Door Lock

Kaadas R7/R6 Keyless Smart Rim Lock

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas K30 3D Face Recognition

(2 Reviews)

Kaadas K30 Smart Digital Lock

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Kaadas L7 Lever Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock

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Kaadas M9 Digital Door Lock

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Kaadas K8 Digital Door Lock

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Kaadas K7 Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)
digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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Unique Push & Pull lock with a fingerprint sensor | Upgraded intelligent motor
Zinc alloy escutcheon, strong protection for your house | Nano electro-plating technology
Anti peep keypad, fake PIN code function | Stainless steel mortise, anti-rust and durable


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Fast and great installation! Will recommend tp our friends and relatives😁
nabila shjl August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Had a good experience with your sales person called Zack. He was very helpful in answering my questions re digital locks. A kudo to your company for having such a good staff, I will definitely buy again... He gave us the assurance of all being follow up
Ray Hua August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
Very friendly staff - Evon from Go Digital Lock to serve and answer our queries. We order the product on the spot and have the digital lock installed on the following day. Thanks Evon !
Kee Sin Lam August 5
Rated 5 out of 5
We live in Pasir Ris so Go Digital Lock is our 1st stop since it is the nearest. Initially, We just wanted to have a look only but ended up making an order of their wooden door, Samsung Digital Lock & Philips Smart Door Viewer after being served by Evon. The 2 workers that helped to fix everything are very
cf Yong August 2
Rated 5 out of 5
Fanny is very patient and always tries to put up with my requests even though some of it may be very last minute, very helpful and always contactable throughout, definitely recommended!!
Kenneth Ng January 4
Rated 5 out of 5
Job well done! Really loving it...😍
Yanti Syed January 4
Rated 5 out of 5
digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact

What is a Kaadas Digital Lock?

The Kaadas Digital Lock is a smart door lock that provides both convenience and security for your home. With keyless entry and advanced features such as face recognition and a top-of-the-line biometrics system, this lock is a reliable choice for protecting your property. Originating from Germany, the Kaadas brand even incorporates Lamborghini design into some of their digital locks. Kaadas Digital Lock is more than just a lock. It’s a smart and secure way to access your home. By touching a finger or a scan of your face, You can open the door easily and gracefully.

As an authorized dealer of Kaadas, we offer many models, including their best version – the Kaadas K9 – for your consideration.

Where can a Kaadas Digital Lock be used?

Did you know that a Kaadas Digital Lock is super versatile? You can utlize it for all sorts of things like securing your home, accessing your office, managing a hotel, or even integrating with your smart home system. Kaadas has many different types of digital locks that can connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave networks. Plus, you can unlock them using fingerprints, PIN codes, RFID cards, or mechanical keys. Cool, right?

Cost of a Kaadas Digital Lock

Kaadas offers a variety of digital door locks at different price points. The most affordable model is the Kaadas R7/R6 Keyless Rim Lock priced at $399. This basic keypad lock provides keyless entry through a different authentication. The highest-end lock is the Kaadas K30 3D Face Recognition Lock priced at $1,489. This features high-security face recognition technology for access. Kaadas has many other models in between these price points to suit different needs & budgets, from options with fingerprint recognition to extra security features. Overall, Kaadas digital locks range in cost from around $400 to over $1,400, depending on the model and features.

Key Features of Kaadas Digital Lock

These are some features that make it stand out:

1)Additional Security Features: Kaadas digital locks, such as the Kaadas L7 Digital Lock and Kaadas K9 Digital Lock, provide additional security features even when you’re at home. These locks come with a Privacy Mode that double locks your front door, preventing unexpected unlocking attempts from outside, thus ensuring added security.

2)Contactless Operation: Kaadas offers contactless digital locks, including the Kaadas R6 Digital Lock and Kaadas K30 Smart lock. With these locks, you can enjoy the luxury of accessing your door without physical contact. This contactless operation provides a hassle-free and convenient way to secure your home.

3)Hands-Free Access: One of the main benefits of Kaadas digital locks, particularly those with facial recognition technology like the Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition lock, is the ability to have hands-free access throughout the day. This feature is especially useful in everyday situations such as carrying groceries or tending to your kids. With facial recognition, you can unlock or lock the door without putting down your belongings or interrupting your tasks.

4)Hygiene Benefits: Facial recognition door access provided by Kaadas digital locks offers hygiene benefits. With this technology, you won’t need to handle any keys, padlocks, or keypads to enter your home. This touchless operation minimizes the risk of spreading germs. It is particularly beneficial for households with young children, older relatives, or immunocompromised individuals, making day-to-day life more worry-free.

5)User-Friendly Management: Kaadas is very user-friendly (For instance: The Kaadas x Lamborghini (The Legend) 3D Face Recognition lock allows recognition of up to 20 unique faces), which is a mindblowing feature.

Users can easily add and remove recognized facial profiles at their convenience, But you can also find unique features in other models of kaadas. Unlike other access modes like PIN codes or RFID cards, there is no need to memorize passwords or carry cards to enter the home, providing a user-friendly experience.

If you check each and every digital lock from kaadas, you will find more features – If you need to learn about some specific features, you can check wioth our sales team or check reviews online!

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