Maintaining Your Digital Lock: Battery Tips and Maintenance Advice

Maximizing Digital Lock Performance: Battery Care and Maintenance Guide

What type of battery to use?

Summary: Alkaline-type batteries like Energizer Max (AA-size) should be used for digital locks and refilling the battery every 8-10 months.

Digital locks normally operating using 1.5VAA alkaline type batteries.
Use alkaline battery type. Alkaline batteries are commonly used for many household items. Alkaline type batteries are coming under many types but our recommendation to our customers is the “energizer max” battery type, it is the best choice for using in digital locks.

Why energizer max type?

  • It is the world’s first maker of zero mercury battery means less environmental impact.
  • It will give you long-lasting battery life.
  • It designed to power seal technology to protect your device from leakage better than other leading battery types.

Do not use!

Do not use heavy duty batteries, for example, carbon-zinc type battery because these run out of power 3-4 times faster than alkaline batteries and also not to rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries are well suitable for low drain appliances & not for digital locks.
You don’t need expensive lithium batteries because digital locks are not high-current discharging devices like a portable video game, MP3/iPod, digital cameras, radio-control toys, etc.

How many batteries needed for digital locks 4 or 8?

Most locks require only 4 batteries, some locks allow up to 8 batteries. The 4 extra pieces may be useful if your lock is optionally equipped with a remote control or a Bluetooth option. If they are not provided with these options, the general rule is: 4 batteries are sufficient.

How often you should change your batteries?

Assume you can enter your home 10 times a day by using a digital lock and alkaline energizer battery in this case the battery will come up to 12 months (note: it will be depending on your lock type and the modes you access for entering & mainly depending on usage ).

We suggest you should change your battery every 6 to 8 months to avoid liquid leakage of the battery, in the energizer brand it does not lead the battery to get leakage in some cases it happens.

We do not recommend leaving the batteries in the lock for more than a year as the battery cell expands towards the end of its life cycle due to chemical changes. This may increase the risk of battery fluid leakage during this period.

You can check the battery every 6 months to avoid liquid leakage problems and to avoid low battery warnings. The digital locks are designed to show the low battery warning, but in some cases, you should not wait until then; they are warnings

How do you change the battery?

Open the battery compartment cover, remove the old batteries and replace them with new alkaline batteries of 1.5V AA. Please replace all batteries at the same time.

6 tips to our customers for battery maintenance in digital locks

  • Use only alkaline AA energizer max batteries
  • Do not use heavy-duty batteries
  • No rechargeable batteries
  • Do check batteries every 6 months to avoid leakage
  • Do not put old batteries and new batteries together.
  • If possible, refill all batteries every 8 – 10 months.

How do you make sure that your digital lock is properly taken care of?

Here are some extra tips other than batteries

Clean your locks

Your digital locks are not immune to dirt, grime, and dust. Whether it is keypad access, a biometric, or any other access type, these digital locks will eventually get dirty as they are in close contact with various elements. Make sure you clean these locks regularly because like any other object, a build-up of dust and dirt is not only unhealthy or unhygienic, it can also contribute to a potential malfunction of your digital locks.

Use the proper cleaning products

It is not enough to clean the locks, but you must make sure that you use the appropriate cleaning materials. You don’t want your locks to deteriorate because of your good intention to keep them clean. You can clean the outside of the locks with a damp cloth. Just remember to avoid petroleum products as they create it easier for dirt and dirt to stay in your locks. For deep cleaning, contact the company that installed your lock.

Keep out of reach of children

Digital locks are fun “toy” for children. The keyboard is a fun mix of numbers and letters that kids love to point to and the press frequently. Repeated pressing might cause the keys to malfunction or become jammed, which can cause inconvenience as you will need to contact the experts to fix the problem.

Have your locksmith on speed dial.

Many digital locks have fail-safe features, but just in case there’s no lady luck on your side, make sure to have a locksmith or the company that installed the digital lock is on the speed dial. Keep their numbers on your phone or in places you can easily call if you run into problems.