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Fingerprint digital locks offer a convenient yet secure access solution for homes, offices, and more. These smart locks for home security use fingerprint recognition technology to verify authorized users while preventing unauthorized access quickly. By creating fingerprint access and storing it in the lock database, you can access it whenever you need to. Fingerprint digital lock Singapore is gaining popularity due to its ease of use and high security. They store valid fingerprints in the lock memory to allow access only to registered users. No keys are required, just place your finger on the lock to open the door in a matter of seconds. In a fingerprint door lock Singapore you can store Up to 100 fingerprints can be stored per lock for multiple users.

fingerprint digital lock in singapore
fingerprint digital lock singapore

Fingerprint Digital Lock

Kaiser+ H7891 Push Pull Digital Door Lock

(7 Reviews)

Kaiser+ 1590SNK Digital Door Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1590GNK Gate Digital Lock

(8 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1593GNK Digital Gate Lock

(4 Reviews)

Kaiser+ 1590SKK Digital Door Lock

(4 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1590TKK Digital Lock

(4 Reviews)

Kaiser+ M1593GTKK Gate Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)

Kaiser+ HG1390 Glass Door Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Solity GSP-2000BK Fire Rated Digital Lock

(5 Reviews)

Solity GP-2000BK Smart IOT Digital Lock

(3 Reviews)
digital lock sales
digital lock sales
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digital lock sales
digital lock sales
Susan godigitallock contact

Where a Fingerprint digital lock can be used?

These smart locks provide security for residential homes & businesses. Homeowners appreciate the ability to give access to guests, caretakers, service providers or family members without the hassle of exchanging physical keys. Companies use them to control employee access to office buildings or confidential areas.

Cost of a Fingerprint Digital lock

Costs for Fingerprint lock Singapore we offer actually range from $500 to $800+ SGD depending on the brand, security level, and included features. You should also know which type of lock you’re choosing: there are mortise locks like push-pull, and lever handle types, there are also more advanced smart face recognition locks (from GDL and kaadas), and finally, you can also find fingerprint authentications in the rim, deadbolt type, and glass locks! But before you make sure about the type of lock, you first need to assure wheather you’re buying a fingerprint gate lock or fingerprint door lock.

How does a fingerprint digital lock works?

1)Fingerprint enrollment: When a new user is added to the lock, their Fingerprint is scanned and enrolled into the lock’s memory. Multiple fingerprints can be stored for each user.
2)At the door: When unlocking the door, the user places their finger on the lock’s fingerprint scanner surface or reader.
3)Scanning and matching: The lock scans the user’s Fingerprint and matches it against the enrolled fingerprints in its memory. If a match is found, the lock unlocks and opens the door.

What technology does Fingerprint digital lock use to unlock the door?

Sophisticated fingerprint-matching algorithms are used to verify the identity of the user. Things like ridge patterns and image quality are analyzed (Some fingerprint sensors cannot recognize Poor quality or partial fingerprints, but our digital locks can). Each lock might differ in quality, but all fingerprint locks use the same algorithm.

Key benefits of our Fingerprint digital locks

1)Good Accuracy: High-accuracy fingerprint scanners and algorithms minimize false positives (false unlocking) and false negatives (not unlocking for authorized users).
2)Backup keys: Many Fingerprints Digital locks also allow backup keys, codes, or cards to be used if bio-metric authentication is unavailable. This provides additional convenience and security.
3)Connectivity: fingerprint locks can be connected to networks, access control systems, and remote management services. This enables remote fingerprint enrollment, door status monitoring, access reports, and auto-locking functionality.
4)Tamper resistance: Like other electronic locks, Fingerprint Digital locks contain mechanisms to prevent tampering with components or bypassing the authentication system. Tamper-evident designs and tamper-resistant materials are used.
5)Power supply: Fingerprint Digital locks require a power source to operate. This is often a rechargeable battery, but some models support power-over-ethernet or direct power wiring. Battery life of 1-2 years is common in most of the locks that we offer

Features of Fingerprint Digital lock

Quick access
Very Convenient for anyone
Allow multiple users to enter using fingerprints
Stores multiple fingerprints
Fingerprints are easy to set up (no tech knowledge required)
You can choose from the end number of options @ Go Digital Lock!

Fingerprint digital lock brands to consider:

Kaiser+ Digital locks
Solity Digital locks
Samsung digital lock Singapore
Kaadas digital locks

Installation details

You don’t need to pay additional installation charges to access a digital door lock or door fingerprint lock because we can install them free into your Entrance door or gate for no cost. Because digital lock involves a complex setup and we know customers should end up with a happy purchase!

With convenience, security, and affordability, fingerprint digital locks make an innovative access solution for many living spaces, businesses, and travelers. Contact us today to know more about costs, and installation for your specific needs. We have some of the best fingerprint door locks and gate locks. We are also available to assist with registration and setup to minimize headache and ensure the technology meets all your access requirements. If you need the best Digital lock, you need to explore us! Why? Because we’re a 5-start rated company with experience in selling digital locks for many years all over Singapore.

All you need to do is explore our digital lock collections! – If you have any queries contact our sales team!

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