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Schlage S6800 Digital Door Lock

The Schlage S6800 digital touchpad lock with a fingerprint reader gives you peace of mind with flexibility for modern lives.

The S6800 is packed full of features that give the homeowner a range of entry and security options to suit a modern lifestyle. Simple to program, the S-6800 can store up to ten user PIN codes, 50 cards/fobs, and 100 fingerprints. Temporary access codes can be created for contractors or guests, and these can be individually added and deleted using the simple menu.

The lock can be operated a number of convenient ways, including by finger-print reader, keypad, card, key fob or stick-on patch. There is also a key override in case of emergency. The S-6800 has additional security features such as a built-in alarm which can sense forced entry, and an auto re-lock feature in case the door is left unlocked for a period of time. The door also unlocks from the inside by rotating the lever from the inside at any time, making it easy to exit in an emergency.

  • Access your home by user PIN, card, FOB or fingerprint
  • Add or delete individual codes with ease
  • An illuminated numeric touchpad
  • Never worry about losing keys
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Volume and mute controls
  • No wiring needed
  • Random PIN number function protects your entry code
  • Built-in alarm senses potential door attacks
  • Door re-locks itself if left unlocked
  • Weather-resistant (tested to IP54)
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Double locking

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Schlage S6800 Digital Lock Specification

Schlage S6800 Digital Door Lock, For HDB, BTO, CONDO Main Door


Other functions:

    • Emergency warning system
    • Panic release handle method
    • The mechanical mortise locking method
    • Motion sound volume control button up to 8 levels
    • One-touch etiquette (Silent)
    • Battery residual identification & Replacement time alarm function

Technical Features:

Brand Schlage
Color Black
Access Mode Finger print| Passcode | RFID Card | Remote Control | Mechanical Key
Finger Print Up to 100
User PIN code 10
RFID Card 50
One-time PIN code 1
RFID Card 20
Mechanical keys unlocking YES
Out-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm 76mm(W) X 306mm(H) X 28mm(D)
In-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm 71mm(W) X 298.6mm(H) X 30.7mm(D)
Weather resistant Tested to IP54
Power DC 6V AA Alkaline Batteries x 4
Low Battery Warning YES
Warranty 2 Years


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