Samsung SHP-DH538: A Smart, Fire Rated Digital Lock

fire rated digital lock

The Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock combines innovative security features with fireproof dependability.

This digital lock makes to look key lock outdated while protecting your home and premises even in the face of danger. Built of heat-resistant materials that safeguard against melting or deterioration, the SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock secures your entrance with cutting-edge smarts and durability you can trust.

When every second counts in crisis, this Fire rated digital lock delivers safety and sophistication. Smart home technology has met its match in fire rating and fortification. Read more so that you can have more information about this high-quality fire rated digital lock!

Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock

With fingerprint and password access, the Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock model, which has a simple handle design, offers you increased security. It has an extra layer of protection with a random-access code feature that generates different digits before your code. Once shut, the door locks automatically and requires both fingerprint and PIN to unlock for double authentication.

This modern digital lock is stylish and easy to use and also comes with 4 different authentication options. It is a simple, smart digital lock that harmonizes with modern home interior design and has won the coveted iF and Red Dot Design awards.

How Fire rated Digital lock work?

The lock case, the handle, and the cycler are its 3 parts. Three main parts of a fire rated door work in concert to provide fire protection:
1) Metal lockcase – The metal lockcase is like a frame for the door. It’s made with strong materials that can withstand heat, meaning it won’t easily fray or melt in a fire. This helps the door stay intact during a blaze.
2) Handle & cylinder – Our door’s locking system, handle, and cylinder mechanism have been rated to withstand high temperatures before they give way. This ensures that your door won’t open unexpectedly.

These components work together to stop the spread of Fire through a door in three crucial ways:
1) Fire-tested materials are included with the lock in order to maintain their strength and shape for extended periods, no matter the conditions.
2) The locking system stops the door from opening too fastly.
3) Fire-rated doors are protected by in tumescent seals and gaskets that fit around their edges and seams. When exposed to heat, these seals expand to fill gaps and reduce the hot air flowing into the doorway.

Features of Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock

fire rated digital lock

Get to know these 9 outstanding Features of the Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock:

  1. Random Security Code: Add extra random digits before your code for added security.
  2. Anti Theft Setup: It can be enabled when you leave the house. Once the set-up is completed, any attempt to open the door from inside will trigger an alarm.
  3. Volume Control: Adjust the volume of lock sounds.
  4. Fire Warning: Sounds a warning if the temperature rises above a certain level.
  5. 9v Battery Backup: Use a backup battery in case of a power outage.
  6. Automatic Locking: The door locks itself once shut within a specific stipulated time that we set.
  7. Double Locking Authentication: Both fingerprint / PIN or any other combinations can be set to unlock. which ensures more security!
  8. Low Battery Indicator: Warns when the battery is low. So you can have an idea of when to replace the batteries.
  9. Intrusion Prevention: Sounds a warning if someone tries to break in.
  10. -Battery Life: The battery will last Approximately 12 months!
  11. -Warranty: The lock has a warranty of 2 Years

Why is it proven as a fire rated Digital lock? 

fire rated digital lock

Here are the 3 Big reasons why its a fire-rated digital lock :

1: Cyclic testing passed up to 100,000 times –
This fire rated Digital lock been Tested and ensured of being capable of withstanding extensive use over time, so we subjected it to over 100,000 sessions of opening and closing. It passed the test with fires, continuing to work perfectly even after all that heavy usage.

2: Tested and Conformed to SS 332:2018+A1:2022 –
Samsung SHP-DH538 has been certified to comply with Singapore’s strict fire safety regulations. It can withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time. We subjected it to rigorous testing to make sure it meets the latest standards, providing superior fire protection in any situation.

3: Tested and achieved a fire rating of 60mins –

The Samsung SHP-DH538 fire rated digital lock has been tested with amazing results! It is certified to withstand fire for up to 60 minutes – making it perfect for our fire rated doors. Our fire-rated doors have also been tested and confirmed to resist fires for up to 60 minutes.

Wrapping up:

In conclusion, the Samsung SHP-DH538 Fire rated digital lock can be trusted. It has been tested and certified to withstand Fire for up to 60 minutes, giving homeowners a sense of confidence during an emergency.

At present, we only offer a few fire rated push pull digital locks in Singapore such as: Hafele and Solity. However, we aim to expand our range of fire rated digital locks with more brands and models in the coming years. Due to that reason, we plan to focus primarily on reducing other non-fire rated locks and adding more fire rated digital locks models.

As we mentioned before, it has also received multiple certifications from international organizations showcasing its quality and reliability.

Moreover, this smart lock offers a range of features that make it convenient and secure. It allows users to access their homes using various methods such as key tags, pins, or fingerprints.

If you need a branded fire rated lock for your fire doors, then we introduce this Fire rated Digital lock model from one of the most trusted companies around the world “Samsung.”

Overall, the Samsung SHP-DH538 fire rated digital lock is an excellent investment for those looking for a Trustable, durable and reliable lock that offers advanced security features. Its fire-resistant properties, combined with its smart capabilities, make it stand out among other locks in the market today.