Why You Must Buy Samsung Digital Door Locks?

If you are looking to buy premium digital door locks then Samsung is one of the leading brands in Singapore. Want to know its amazing features? Well, this insight will offer you a brief overview of its extraordinary features that grant you maximum security and comfort. Samsung digital door locks are specially designed with the greatest efforts and care to provide your home or property with maximum security and convenience.

With the advanced technology of digital door lock like anti-panic opening systems, fire detection sensors, and invasion detection alarms incorporated into each door lock, there is no better way to protect you and your loved ones and safeguard your properties.

Samsung digital door locks are widely used in many homes whether it is HDB or Condo. It ensures high safety with features like a fingerprint reader, card access, and mobile application. Its design is stunningly crafted with a touch of modern and elegant style that is quite affordable making it one of the best sellers in Singapore.

Consider visiting our showroom to access its beautiful design with interesting features that offer you the highest level of security with a brand new look at your entrance.

Incredible features making Samsung digital door lock boom in Singapore

  • Know the status of your door with the smartphone app

If you install and use the Samsung smartphone app you can avail of its incredible services anytime and anywhere to know the status of the door. Whether it is checking the door lock condition, opening doors with the door lock, or issuing one-time keys for the visitors.
The services delivered by the Samsung smartphone app are as follows:

a) You can remotely control the door opening with the door lock

You can click the padlock button displayed on the main window of the app and place the back of the smartphone on the card image of the door lock.

b) Real-time checking the status of the door lock

You can check the status of the door opening with the door lock, notifying overheating detection, notifying forced door opening, checking battery condition, etc.

c) You can issue a temporary pin code to the visitors or friends

By setting the date and time you can create a temporary pin code for your friends or visitors. Once it expires, the one-time key or pin code will be deleted automatically.

d) You can check the access history of the door lock

The app notifies you who accesses your home, and allows you to check the access history of who entered inside and who locked the door from outside.

  • Protect your passcode with the random security code

Enter the randomly chosen digits and don’t allow your security code to be revealed to anyone. This feature allows you to choose randomly chosen digits before entering a passcode so that it is difficult to guess the numbers you have entered by looking for smudges.

  • Enhanced user data security

With the help of three different advanced user data protection technologies like White-Box Cryptography, Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer, and App Hardening, important information such as access codes and app data is protected by state-of-the-art security technology. Suddenly, if you lose your smartphone, you can delete your access codes easily.

  • One-touch anti-theft setup

While you are going out for a ride or vacation, the user can set up the anti-theft function, which creates a warning sound when the door lock operates, preventing any tampering.

  • Suspicious movement alert

If any unwanted guests or strangers arrive at your door the equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for a long time, the door lock creates a warning siren to ward off.

  • Intrusion alarm system to drive away from the thief

If you are staying in a location where it is more prone to robbery and crime, the thief will recognize the lock immediately and escape from your place. This digital door lock installed at your entrance will force the thieves to move away from that place. Even if they are not aware of this lock, the alarm sound will scare them off.

  • Emergency power supply

If you forget to replace batteries then in this case you can unlock the door by connecting a Micro USB 5-Pin cable from a smartphone portable charger to the Micro USB power input at the bottom of the outer body, and then authenticate the fingerprint or enter the password.

  • Silence mode to allow you the utmost peace

If you hate disturbance then you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone or the door opening melody to create silence and enjoy peace.

  • Welcome function

The welcome function activates the authorization standby mode automatically when you arrive at the door, even before touching the number pad.

  • Low battery alarm

The door lock reminds you if the batteries are running low through a specific melody or keypad LED. This allows you to easily replace the batteries.

Want to know different access features of Samsung digital door locks?

Samsung digital door locks are uniquely designed combining their amazing and incredible features to allow you excellent security and comfort. They are particularly styled using sophisticated technology that makes them a leading brand in Singapore. Features like fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth unlock function and many other extraordinary features build high levels of reliability and trust among users.

  • Your finger acts as a key

With this awesome feature of fingerprint recognition, you can easily open the door with a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. You can experience precise and quick access with optical fingerprint authentication. There is no need to memorize a password and the fingerprint scanner is not affected by temperature or humidity.

  • Unlock your door via Bluetooth

Samsung digital door locks are enabled with Bluetooth wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once you transmit a signal or code from your iPhone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. You can also share this code with your friends and family. This feature ensures great reliability and security.

  • Easy access with RFID card / RFID tag

This feature easily allows you to access the door with the RFID card or tag. They function by transmitting the signal to the card reader present on the device. Once the signal is recognized the door lock is opened.

  • Enter your PIN

Samsung digital door locks allow you to enter the PIN from 4-12 digits. You can easily unlock your door by entering your passcode without any hustle-bustle of finding your key.

  • Unlock your door using the NFC feature

Samsung digital door locks are also enabled with the NFC feature wherein your phone acts as an NFC reader and a card. With an NFC digital door lock, you can use an app to emulate an NFC card and place your phone’s NFC reader near to the lock and your door is opened.

  • Wifi offers you great convenience

Samsung digital door locks are enabled with WiFi wherein you can unlock your door from any place using an active WiFi connection on your phone. This WiFi (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri) digital door locks allow you to send digital keys to people so that you can set exact parameters for time-based access. This makes it convenient for workers, guests, or housekeepers only at specific times.

Amazing design features of Samsung digital door locks

  • Push/pull action to open or close the door

The Push-Pull handles allow you to easily push or pull the door with low noise.

  • Your smartphone acts as your doorbell

Smart Bell is another amazing feature of Samsung digital door locks. If someone is touching the doorbell icon on the touchpad of the lock you will get an alert. This feature sends you an alert on your phone of someone arriving at your house, regardless of where you are.


So, you might have got a brief idea of various surprising features incorporated in the Samsung digital door locks. There are still more extraordinary features available with different models to allow you more convenience and high security. Do visit our showroom to purchase these digital locks and experience its outstanding features to keep you safe.