6 Factors to Consider while Buying Digital Door Locks

Are you purchasing the digital door lock for the first time? It’s a bit confusing to choose the best lock for you, right? Well, be relaxed! In this article, you will find some interesting factors you need to consider while buying digital door locks. There’s no doubt that digital door locks allow you numerous benefits right from providing keyless solutions to incredibly securing your property with different amazing features. It’s time to replace traditional locks with the latest digital door locks. 

1) Different Features to Unlock Your Door

If you happen to visit our showroom you will be fascinated to see the latest digital door locks with a modern sleek design from top-notch brands like Samsung, Kaiser+, Hafele, Kaadas, Solity, Loghome, Schlage, etc. It is significant to check the access features available to highly secure you and your property with convenience. Some of the important features available are listed below:

a) Passcode Access

Different models of digital door locks allow you to enter different numbers of digits. You can easily unlock your door by entering your passcode without any hustle-bustle of finding your key.

b) Fingerprint Access

Most of the digital door locks are provided with fingerprint access or biometrics authentication. The system first scans your finger and if it matches, only then you can enter inside your home. This feature is more reliable, efficient, and secure.

c) Radio Frequency Identification Authentication

Digital door lock enabled with RFID feature offers you an RFID card. The RFID card reader reads the card via a smart chip embedded inside the plastic. The reader is attached to the door which reads the information stored on the card, and then the door is unlocked.

d) Access Via Bluetooth

Digital door locks are also enabled with Bluetooth wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once you transmit a signal or code from your iPhone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door.

e) NFC (Near Field Communication) Feature Unbolts Your Door

Digital door locks enabled with NFC chips are on the market. With an NFC digital door lock, you can use an app to emulate an NFC card and place your phone’s NFC reader near to the lock and your door is opened.

f) Use Remote Control Access to Open The Door

This is an amazing feature as you can unlock your door remotely. The remote-control door lock works similar to a car key fob wherein when you arrive near the door you press the button to lock or unlock the door.

g) WiFi Access

Using WiFi-enabled digital locks you can unlock your door from any place using an active WiFi connection on your phone. These WiFi enabled (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri) digital door locks allow you to send digital keys to people so that you can set exact parameters for time-based access.

2) Check For Its Durability

This is the next important thing to consider while you are purchasing digital door locks. Ensure that your lock is resistant to wear and tear and various other environmental factors like the hot and humid weather of Singapore. Confirm whether the lock is durable to water and heat.

3) Its Design and Color

The important factor that aesthetically pleases our eye is the design and color of the digital door lock. Choose the lock that is elegant, modern, and stylish that elevates the beauty of your home.

4) Choose The Right Type of Lock

Choosing the right type of lock is the most important thing to consider. Digital door locks are available with three types of locks. They are deadbolt, lever, and mortise locks. You are free to choose the lock whichever is convenient to you.

5) Check For the Kind of Entrance You Have

We Singaporeans prefer our entrance to be made of wooden doors and metal gates. Preferably, the door should have a flat surface and there should be enough gap between the main door and the metal gate when they are closed. While installing the digital door locks some modifications are required for the gate or lock. Customizing the doors or gates to the desired size is the best option before installing digital door locks. You might be loaded with many questions by the installer, hence it’s necessary to be familiar with the common door lock terms before making the purchase. Some of them are listed below:

a) Clearance From the Gate

Before installing the digital door lock make sure there is enough gap between your main door and the metal gate when both are closed. The measurement of the gap is a must to ensure that the lock does not come into contact with the gate when both are closed. A suitable distance needs to be maintained before the installation of the lock.

b) Door Thickness

There should be a specific door thickness to determine which lock suits the best.

c) Clearance From the Door Edge

Clearance from the door edge measures the distance between the edge of the door and the horizontal distance of the lock. From both sides of the door you need to check where the handle ends to get an accurate measurement of the clearance.

6) Warranty

Warranty is again the most important factor that decides the minimum time the product can last. It ranges from 1-5 years. Check for the lock that delivers the maximum period of warranty. Also, this greatly ensures the quality of the lock.


Considering all the factors mentioned above you can select the best type of digital door locks to highly secure your property. Investing for your security will offer you extra protection with excellent quality and convenience at an affordable price.