6 Interesting Facts About Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks are well known to offer you incredible security to your home or business at your fingertips. It makes you free from the fuss of finding the key or going into turmoil losing the key. You will find them installed everywhere. It can be your office, restaurants, commercial or residential properties. Let’s find out some more interesting facts regarding digital door locks.

What do you need to know about digital door locks?

Digital door locks provide us with various benefits and make our life easy. Some of them are listed below:

1. Provide utmost security to your home

The main purpose of these digital door locks is to provide high security to your home. Since digital locks are connected to the networks it becomes a must to update the applications. There is no fear of losing the key. You can automatically lock your door after some duration or when you carry your phone away from that area by configuring your digital door lock.

2. You can invite your friends to your home even if you are not available

When you are not at home and want to invite your friend, the digital door locks allow your friend to enter your home. This can be done with the help of an application. It is available with the lock and you can share the digital key with your friend to open the lock. You can even restrict the time that someone can enter your home.

3. Access to amazing features

The digital door locks offer you amazing features like voice controls, remote access, scenes, and low battery indicators. By connecting to the Wi-Fi network you can remotely control the lock. Using this you can lock and unlock the door from any place.


4. Digital lock alarm to drive away from the thief

A digital door lock is available with a built-in alarm feature. This will not only drive away from the thief but also alert people who are trying to enter your home or office. This provides you with great security by restricting strangers from entering your house.

5. PIN Pad serves as a backup

In case you forget the card or are unable to unlock it, the PIN pad serves as the backup. By entering the four-digit or six-digit pin you can unlock the door. This PIN is a secret sequence of numbers that are already programmed into the lock. The six-digit PIN pad adds many additional key combinations making it difficult to identify the password.

6. RFID card send signals to the reader before decoding

This feature is a great and prominent option that allows you to carry the card in a specific area of the door lock before you can open it. Every digital lock is installed with a reader and allows you to lock or unlock the door.


The above built-in features of the digital door lock make our life easier. They are quite convenient to use and are user-friendly. This makes the digital door locks offer you the best security.