How Does Digital Door Lock Unlock Your Door?

Want to know different ways to unlock your door using a digital door lock? Well, you are at the right place. Here, we will find out different methods to open your door. Digital door locks of various models are enabled with different features making you access your doors in different ways.

Digital door locks are known to provide excellent security to your home with advanced features. They offer you many benefits and ensure security for your home. Various innovative digital door lock authentication methods allow you better access control and great security.

1. Dial your passcode

Different models of digital door locks allow you to enter different numbers of digits. It varies from 4-6 digits. You can easily unlock your door by entering your passcode without any hustle-bustle of finding your key. But you need to make sure that you use a strong passcode or PIN so that it can’t be easily traced and your property remains secure.

2. Access using your fingerprint

Most of the digital door locks are provided with fingerprint access or biometrics authentication. This feature is more reliable, efficient, and secure. The system first scans your finger and if it matches only then you can enter inside your home. Digital door locks with fingerprint access involve less maintenance and are installed in residential and business property. It is also provided with an alarm to notify the owner in case of intrusion.

3. Radiofrequency identification authentication

Digital door lock enabled with RFID feature offers you a RFID card. The RFID card reader reads the card via a smart chip embedded inside the plastic. The reader is attached to the door which reads the information stored on the card, and then the door is unlocked. This happens when the card is presented within sufficient proximity of the reader. Once the lock is released, the door is opened and the door is locked again.

4. Unlock your door via Bluetooth

Digital door locks are also enabled with Bluetooth wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once you transmit a signal or code from your iPhone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. You can also share this code with your friends and family. This feature ensures great reliability and security.

5. NFC (Near field communication) feature unbolts your door

Digital door locks enabled with NFC chips are on the market. This is similar to RFID featured locks. Your phone acts as an NFC reader and a card. With an NFC digital door lock, you can use an app to emulate an NFC card and place your phone’s NFC reader near to the lock and your door is opened.

6. Unlock your door using a smartphone app

Using this feature you can unlock your digital door lock by shaking your smartphone near to it in a specified way. This feature is quite user-friendly and convenient. You can easily unlock your door without any stress.

7. Use remote control access to open the door

This is an amazing feature as you can unlock your door remotely. These types of digital door locks are widely used using advanced technology to allow you incredible convenience and security. This door lock consists of a part called an actuator that connects the bolt or cylinder to a small motor. This motor is hidden within the door or the frame itself and is controlled by an electrical impulse that is triggered by a wireless remote. The remote-control door lock works similar to a car key fob wherein when you arrive near the door you press the button to lock or unlock the door.

8. Enter inside your home using WiFi

Using WiFi-enabled digital locks you can unlock your door from any place using an active WiFi connection on your phone. This WiFi (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri) smart locks allow you to send digital keys to people so that you can set exact parameters for time-based access. This makes it incredibly convenient for workers, guests, or housekeepers only at specific times.

9. Open your door using mechanical keys

When the above features don’t work while you arrive near the door and trying to unlock your door, don’t worry! Mechanical keys are there to support you and open your door. This happens when the battery of your lock is dead.


So, hope you are now aware of various kinds of digital door locks available in the market and various ways to unlock your door. You can prefer purchasing the lock with the accessing feature most convenient to you thus securing your property.