5 Types of Digital Door Locks You Must Know in 2022

Do you know different kinds of digital door locks on the market? If you are planning to install a digital door lock to secure your home, then you must know what kind of digital door locks are available in the market and which one you should choose. We are all aware that digital door locks provide us with great safety by getting rid of intruders or strangers from entering our home by utilizing electronic systems.

There are different types of digital door locks out there in the market providing some amazing features and benefits. For instance, push-pull type digital locks, mortise lever handle type digital locks, deadbolt type locks, RIM gate locks, and Glass locks are handy. Let’s discuss them in detail and accordingly you can select the best one for you.

1. Push-Pull Digital Locks

As the name suggests the door is unlocked using a push or pull motion. It is an electronic door lock system that utilizes a sophisticated touchpad and a smart door lever to secure your home. It employs full automatic mortise. Without much effort, once you close the door, the deadbolt will spontaneously pop out. If you do not lock your door properly, to remind you of the door lock status, the mortise will give you an alarm.

2. Mortise Lever Handle Digital Locks

Mortise lever handle digital locks are exactly the same as traditional lever handles used during our good old days. This inbuilt lever handle digital lock allows you to turn the lever to open and close the door. You can consider installing this lock if you want to carry forward the traditional lock system.

3. Deadbolt digital locks

Deadbolt locks are solid cylindrical pieces that are made of either bronze, steel, or brass. It is more sturdy than mortise as the material is thick and heavy. The bolt is not that flexible and also extends longer into the frame of the door to make it more secure. Since the deadbolt locks are not available with the built-in handle, they can be paired with a latch or knob.

4. Rim digital locks

If you are on a budget and want to go for convenient and less expensive ones than the above three mentioned locks then you can surely choose this lock. But, this lock does not lock into the door frame but it is locked into the bracket attached to the door frame. It is similar to a deadbolt lock as it does not contain a handle like a mortise lock and hence it is required to install the handle at the same time.

5. Glass digital locks

Glass digital locks are attached only to glass doors providing excellent security. It offers you many advantages and simplified control. Also, it provides you with amazing features allowing you more convenience and safety. For example, if the temperature exceeds a certain limit, it creates an alarm and the door unlocks allowing others to rescue. So, if you are looking to install this one you can certainly go for it.


Hope this insight was useful to add to your knowledge regarding different types of digital door locks available in the market. You can go for any of these to install at your home or office.