Explore the Best options for Digital Door Lock in Singapore


Welcome to our guide on picking the right digital door lock for your doors in Singapore. With many options, choosing the correct type is crucial for your home’s security. This guide explores key features and tips to help you decide on the best digital door lock in Singapore that suits your needs. Keep reading to find out how to boost your home security with the perfect digital door lock solution.

How to Choose the Right Digital Door Lock for Your Singaporean Doors

Selecting the ideal digital door lock for your doors in Singapore involves considering various factors. With numerous digital lock options available in the market, we have streamlined your choices. Before deciding, it’s important to carefully evaluate which type of digital lock best suits your family’s needs. After that, explore our thoughtfully selected list that includes the top keyless door locks, digital security doors, and entry door locks.Find the perfect match for your needs.

Samsung digital door lock

A Samsung digital door lock is a high-quality model with a smartphone app service and an easy-to-use smart door lock interface. Unlock using five different authentication methods.

 Here are listed the types of Samsung digital door lock

1. Lever Handle Digital Door Lock

2. Wi-Fi smart door lock

3. Push Pull Wi-Fi Digital Door Lock

Why buy this

  • Bluetooth Access
  • RFID Card Access
  • Pin Code Access
  • Override Key Access
  • RFID Tag Access
  • Family Arrival Notification
  • In & Out Record
  • Auto Locking
  • Auto Polling
  • Random Security Code
  • Double Authentication
  • Anti-Theft Mode
  • Double Locking
  • Battery Backup
  • Battery Indicator
  • Interface With Smart home
  • Fire Warning

Solity digital door locks

SOLITY digital door locks, offer a new standard that meets customer needs, with innovative design, cutting-edge technologies, excellent quality, production capabilities, and affordable prices.

Here are listed the types of Solity digital door locks

1. Solity GR-50BK Digital Door Lock

2. Solity GSP-1000BK Digital Door Lock

Why buy this?

  • Fast & Accurate fingerprint recognition
  • Setting and updating passcode.
  • RFID card access.
  • Sleek design with black full body and chromed colour.
  • 15-degree ergonomic design for the perfect comfort.
  • Mechanic key support for emergency use.
  • Remote control (Optional).
  • Mechanic key support for emergency use

Kaiser digital door lock

Designed with precision and innovation, Kaiser digital locks are crafted to perfectly complement the metal gates and main doors in Singapore. Now, let’s explore the types of Kaiser digital door locks available:

Here are the listed the types of Kaiser digital door lock

Best Kaiser+ 1590SKK Digital Door Lock Singapore

Kaiser+ H7690 Push Pull Digital Door Locks

Kaiser+ H5800 Lever Handle Digital Door Lock

Why buy this?

Different Authentications to unlock

  • Fingerprint
  • Password
  • RFID Card
  • Mechanical Key
  • Remote (Optional)
  • WiFi (Optional)
  • Power: DC 6V(1.5V, AA(LR6) 4-8EA)
  • Access By: Fingerprint recognition / Password / Card / Manual Key / Remote (Optional) / WiFi (Optional)
  • Material: All Die Casting / Flame Retardant ABS
  • Size: 85mm(W) x 367mm(H) x 73mm(D)
  • Install at: HDB, BTo, CONDO Flats, Villas, Landed House, Hotel & other sites
  • Optional: Home network interlocking (447.275Mhz one direction) Both direction communication Fingerprint authentication method

Home network / Remote / Smart Phone App

Hafele digital door lock

If you need a strong and reliable digital lock for your home in Singapore, we have you covered. As approved Hafele dealers, we provide a variety of Hafele digital locks suitable for any property, be it an HDB flat, condo, or landed home. The advanced keyless access technology ensures maximum convenience and peace of mind. Reach out to us to discover the ideal model that fits your requirements and budget.

Here are listed the types of Hafele digital door lock

Hafele ER5100 Digital Door Locks

Hafele PP9000 Push Pull Digital Door Lock in singapore

Best Hafele ER4800 Digital Door Lock

Why buy this?

Different Authentications to Unlock

  • Bluetooth
  • Fingerprint
  • RFID Card
  • Password
  • Mechanical Key
  • Managed by a master password and user password
  • Double verification function by combining 2 in 3 access ways (Fingerprint/Password/Card)
  • Prevent mischief and hacking function
  • Private mode/Double locking mode can be activated from inside
  • Boost your home security when no one is around by activating the Away mode or Defense mode.
  • Auto/Manual locking mode is changeable
  • Low-battery warning by sound
  • Electric shock resistance
  • Emergency warning system
  • Activate silent mode as necessary.

Kaadas digital door lock

Looking for a practical and smart way to enhance your home security? Consider Kaadas Digital Locks, the leading supplier in Singapore. Featuring the latest technology and innovations, Kaadas digital locks offer the best modern home security solution.

We are an authorized dealer of Kaadas digital locks, providing you with the gold standard in home security. Explore top-selling Kaadas smart lock models like Kaadas R6G and more for all your access control needs.

Kaadas digital locks are renowned for their advanced fingerprint and password access, top-notch security, and lasting durability. Discover exclusive Kaadas door and gate locks designed for your HDB and condo entrance doors and gates!

Here are listed the types of Kaadas digital door lock

Different Authentications to Unlock

Top Kaadas M9 Digital Door Lock

Kaadas L7 Lever Digital Door Lock

Kaadas K7 Digital Door Lock

Why buy this?

  • Fingerprint
  • RFID Card
  • Password
  • Mechanical Key
  • Door handle included
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Auto and manual locking modes
  • Backup key
  • Backup power – micro-USB & power bank
  • Anti-theft mortise
  • Passage mode (auto/manual locking)
  • Universal opening direction (inward/outward and left and right-handed doors)
  • Silent operation for late-night entry
  • Push to enter and pull to exit
  • Automatic (manual override switch) locking
  • Tempered glass touchpad for long-lasting durability & safety
  • Smart close option

Philips digital door lock

Get smart security and convenience with Phillips digital door locks and gate locks for your property, we have offered a variety of top-rated models to fit your needs and budget. With years of experience selling and installing Philips digital locks, we are the most reliable source for high-quality Philips gate digital locks and digital door locks in Singapore. Count on us for the complete range of Philips locks with advanced features and dependable performance. Experience the innovation and design of Phillips locks that will enhance your life wonderfully.

Here are listed the types of Philips digital door lock

Top Philips Easykey 702 Video Digital Door Lock

Best Philips Easykey 5100 Digital Lock(For Door)

Philips – Easykey 6100 Digital Door Locks in singapore

Philips Easykey 702F Face Recognition Smart Digital Door Lock

Why buy this?

  • Different Authentications to Unlock
  • Mobile App
  • Fingerprint
  • RFID Card
  • Password
  • Mechanical Key
  • Automatic Locking
  • Hidden Pin Code
  • Dual Verification Mode
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • 3 Types of Alarm System
  • Full Auto Mortise
  • Auto or Manual Operation

Igloohome digital door lock

Our smart home products at igloohome digital door locks do more with less. With our proficient installation and replacement teams ensuring peak performance, you can seamlessly focus on your daily routine. Moreover, rest assured that our smart locks grant access to authorized individuals, while effectively blocking entry to unwanted ones. Experience the convenience of smart security today.

Here are listed the of types of Igloohome digital door lock

Igloohome Deadbolt 2S Digital Door Lock

Igloohome Push-Pull Mortise Digital Door Lock

  • Physical Keys
  • RFID Credentials
  • Bluetooth Key
  • PIN Codes Grant access anytime, anywhere
  • Safeguard your home.

Incorporating a digital door lock substantially elevates your lifestyle. It provides multiple unlocking methods, eliminates the need for keys, and offers peace of mind by preventing key loss or unauthorized duplication. The market offers numerous models, creating confusion for buyers. Our guide aims to simplify the process for Singaporeans, helping them understand digital and smart locks, identify common features, and make informed choices.

Our locks seamlessly integrate into smart homes. If you wish to see the lock in person or explore our other smart systems, feel free to give us a call!