8 Amazing Features of Philips Digital Door Lock

Want to know the wonderful features of Philips digital lock? Philips digital locks are known to make your life wonderful with their innovation and design. Their advanced features like auto-locking, dual verification unlocking, and fake Pincode offer you top-grade security, reassurance, and comfort. Besides these, it also offers you extraordinary features keeping your property safe and allowing you more convenience. If you are looking to provide high security to your property with the help of Philips digital door lock, do visit our Go Digital Lock showroom and make your purchase.

Explore 8 Outstanding Features of the Philips Digital Door Lock

Best features of the Philips digital door lock:

  • Unlock your door with a fingerprint access

The fingerprint sensor is incorporated into the push-pull handle. Once you hold the handle, the fingerprint sensor will detect your finger and the door will be unlocked. You can simply reach out and touch the sensor intuitively, then push it to open after a successful fingerprint verification. The single-step unlocking feature will bring you a fast and convenient door opening experience.

  • Pin code access

Different models of Philips digital door locks allow you to enter different numbers of digits. It varies from 4-12 digits. There is no hustle-bustle of finding your keys and you can easily unlock your door by entering your passcode.

  • Smart card easy key

Smart cards easy keys offer more security and confidentiality and comfort. This feature allows you easy access and is user-friendly.

  • App unlock

With the help of this feature, you can unlock your digital door lock by just shaking your smartphone near to it in a specified way. This feature is quite user-friendly and convenient. You can easily unlock your door without any stress with great comfort and ease.

  • WiFi unlock

With the help of WiFi, you can unlock your door from any place using an active WiFi connection on your phone. This WiFi (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri) smart locks send digital keys to people so that you can set exact parameters for time-based access. This makes it incredibly convenient for workers, guests, or housekeepers only at specific times allowing you remote access.

  • Remote access

You can unlock your door remotely with Philips digital door lock. This feature is widely used using advanced technology to allow you incredible convenience and security. The remote-control access for the door lock functions similar to a car key fob wherein when you arrive near the door you press the button to lock or unlock the door. With the wireless network, you can remotely manage the access of door locks, monitor the status of door locks in real-time, and view the log of the lock at any time.

  • Fake pincode function

Philips digital door lock is available with the feature of fake PIN code that allows you to enter some random number combinations before entering the Pincode to get identified as much as there is consecutive input of the real password. This feature greatly prevents peeping and protecting your real password.

  • Welcome function

When someone approaches near the lock and it senses human heat, the system will get activated and the touch-pad will be lit up, waiting for your return. You get recognized and unlock the door without the hassle of manually activating the system, enabling a fast and comfortable user experience.


Explore more benefits of Philips digital door lock of premium design with outstanding features. This greatly aids in offering you immense security, comfort, and convenience. Consider visiting our Go Digital Lock showroom for this excellent product and make your purchase.