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Philips Easykey 702 Video Digital Door Lock

4 Different Authentications to Unlock

  • Mobile App
  • Fingerprint
  • Pincode
  • Mechanical Keys


Philips Easykey 702 Video Digital Door Lock

  • Two-way audio talk
  • Automatic Locking
  • Pincode distributing
  • Access record query
  • Dual Verification Mode
  • Indoor infrared sensor
  • 3 Types of Alarm Systems
  • Build-in electronic doorbell
  • Auto or Manual Operation

Technical Features:

Fingerprint 100
Master PIN code 1
User PIN code 20
One-time PIN code 1
Handle Push-pull handle
Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor
Main material Zinc alloy
Finishing Baking varnish, Electroplating
Connection WiFi
Color Black
Ergonomic design Push-pull opening
Emergency Escape Indoor fast-opening mortise
Safety Hidden PIN code, Outside forced lock, Dual verification
Mortise Full auto mortise, C-grade lock cylinder
Locking Indoor deadlock, System lock
Alarming Anti-dismantling alarm, Outside forced lock alarm, Abnormal latch bolt alarm, PIR motion alarm
Operation Mode Manual mode, Auto mode
System unlock mode General mode, Dual verification mode
Battery type Li-polymer battery
Emergency Charging 5v Powerbank
Indoor unlocking Fingerprint, Pincode, Mechanical key, Temporary Pincode
Outdoor unlocking Knob, Button, Infrared sensor
Battery life 3 Months
Voice Guide Human voice guide
Door thickness 38-60 mm, 60-90 mm, 90-120mm
Door opening direction Left-in Left-out, Right-in Right-out
Door type Wooden/Copper/ Security doors
Warranty 3 Years

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